20 Cool Things Google Search Can Do

Did you know that Google Search is more than just a search engine? It’s a treasure trove of surprises, packed with hidden gems and handy shortcuts. Whether you’re a student in need of quick answers, a globetrotter seeking travel tips, a curious soul exploring the unknown, or someone just looking to kill time, Google Search is your go-to magic wand.

Join us on a fascinating journey as we unveil 20 interesting and entertaining ways to use Google Search. Get ready to transform your search bar into a multifunctional tool – from playing games and translating phrases to solving complex math puzzles, setting timers, and even checking live flight updates.

Play Pacman

Type Pacman in the search bar and hit Search. Click to start playing the classic game right in your browser.

Play Pacman

Input Handwriting for Translation

Did you know Google Translate allows handwriting input? Visit Google Translate, select the pencil icon at the bottom left of the text box, and handwrite the word you need translated. This feature is particularly useful for languages that use unique characters.

Input Handwriting for Translation

Pronounce Large Numbers

To learn the pronunciation of large numbers in Google Search, type the number followed by an equal sign (=) and the desired language. Note: This works for numbers up to 13 digits.

Pronounce Big Numbers

Use Google as a Calculator

Google Search isn’t just for simple calculations like 5^3, 10+5, or 15-8. It can also handle trigonometric functions and more complex math operations.

Use It Like a Calculator 1
Use It Like a Calculator

Solve Geometric Shapes

Google Search can solve various geometric shapes. Simply type solve followed by the shape’s name (e.g., solve triangle). Google will provide a specialized calculator for area, perimeter, angles, and more, specific to each shape.

Solve Geometrical Shapes

Create Graphs Instantly

Generate graphs for mathematical functions directly in Google Search. Try searching graph for x^2 or graph for tan(x), and see the graph appear in your search results.

Generate a Graph
Generate a Graph

Calculate Tips with Google’s Tip Calculator

Struggle with math but not with generosity? Use Google’s Tip Calculator. Search for tip calculator, enter your bill amount, desired tip percentage, and the number of people sharing the bill to find out your tip amount.

Calculate the Waiter Tip

Currency Conversion

For quick currency conversions, type the amount and currency you want to convert from and to (e.g., 100 GBP to USD) in the Google search bar. The search result will show the converted amount instantly.

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Currency Conversion

Unit Conversion for Various Quantities

Besides currency, you can use Google to convert different units, like lbs to kgs. Google covers conversions in nine categories: temperature, length, mass, speed, volume, area, fuel consumption, time, and digital storage.

Conversion of Units

Quick Language Translations

For fast translations of short phrases or words, simply type the source and target languages into the search bar. For instance, try French to English for a quick translation.

Translation between Languages

Set a Timer Using Google

Need a timer? Just type Google Timer in the search bar, and a box will appear where you can set any duration, like 45 seconds. Google Timer will count down and sound an alarm when time’s up. You can also view it in full-screen mode.

Google Timer

Sunrise and Sunset Times in Your City

Find out the sunrise and sunset times in your city or any other city worldwide. Search sunrise in Kuala Lumpur or sunset in Kuala Lumpur, for example, to get the exact times.

Get Sunrise
Get Sunset

Weather Forecast

Before you step out or plan a trip, check the weather forecast. Simply type the city name followed by forecast, like LA forecast, to get the latest weather predictions.

Weather Forecast

Flight Status Check

This is great for frequent travelers. Share your flight number (e.g., PK304) with anyone picking you up, and they can instantly check your flight’s status, including the terminal and gate information.

Check Flight Status

Calculate Distance and Travel Time

Planning a road trip? Find out the distance and estimated travel time by typing your start and end destinations with distance at the end, like New York to Dallas distance.

Calculate Distance Time to Reach

Movie Release Dates

Eager to know when a new movie hits theaters? Type the movie’s name followed by release date, such as Transporter Refueled release date, to find out its premiere date.

Release Date of Movies

Find Books by an Author

Discovered a new favorite author? Search for all their works by typing books by [author's name]. For example, books by John Green will display a list of his books along with their publication years.

Search Books by an Author

Interactive Google Search Tricks

For a bit of fun, type do a barrel roll or tilt into Google Search and watch the page follow your command!

Move Google Search

Explore Google’s Doodle History

Curious about past Google Doodles? Visit google.com and click I’m Feeling Lucky without entering anything in the search box, or simply click here to view them all.

View Old Google Doodles

Travel Back to Google’s Origins

Ever wondered what Google looked like in its early days? Type google in year followed by a year, like google in 1998, and hit search to see how Google appeared back then.

Go Retro