How to Transfer and Merge Your Google+ Accounts

Early adapters would have created a Google+ account with their addresses. When Google announced the support of Google+ in Google Apps, most users face a dilemma: Should I continue using the Google+ that’s associated with my gmail or should I register Google+ with my Google App account? Then, there is the third option of maintaining 2 sets of Google+ accounts.

If you opt for the third option, you will probably end up with 2 sets of friends that are duplicated over two different accounts. The best option would be to merge these two Google+ accounts together and here’s how you can, with Google Takeout.

Things you Need to Know

Here are a couple of things you need to know before and after initiating a transfer:

Before the transfer

Decide which of your account should be the Source account and which should be your Destination account. At the end of the transfer, the Source’s profile will be replaced by the Destination’s profile. The transfer will occur 7 days after the request is initiated by you, during which time you can still cancel the transfer if it has yet to start. An initiated transfer will take 48 hours and you will get limited access to both accounts during the period.

To cancel transfer just login to your account and click on Cancel Transfer at the bottom of the page because if you got the Source/Destination wrong, this ‘mistake’ can only be undone after 6 months.

After the transfer

Since the destination profile is the profile that stays, a few things will happen after the transfer. Firstly, Circles, Blocks and Ignores will be copied from the Source profile to the Destination profile. Circles with the same name in both Source and Destination profiles will be merged. Profile info, comments, posts and authorship information in Source will not be transferred. Google+ pages associated with Source will also not be transferred to Destination.

How to transfer

Now that you’ve got the Source and Destination profiles sorted out, here’s how you start the transfer:

Step 1. Login to Google Takeout with your Source credentials.

login to google takeout

Step 2. Click Transfer your Google+ connections to another account to begin transferring your Circles.

transfer your g+ connections

Step 3. Enter your Destination profile’s email address and click Sign in to this account.

enter destination email

Step 4. Verify your the information for both profiles then click Transfer to start the transfer.


Step 5. With this done, the transfer will be done in the next 7 days. You’ll receive an email in your Source email account.

review transfer


And there you have it. No more running between two (or more) accounts in an effort to keep your Google+ profile active. Merge them with Google Takeout and have all your friends under one account.