How Creative Google+ Covers Used to Look Like

Google+ may no longer be available, but its legacy lives on. One of the unique features of this now-defunct social network was the ability for users to customize their profile with a cover photo. From stunning landscapes to creative designs, Google+ covers allowed users to express themselves in a visually striking way. In this post, we’ll take a trip down memory lane and revisit how creative Google+ covers used to look like, showcasing some of the most impressive and memorable examples.

Amanda Rosenberg

The first one is Amanda Rosenberg’s cover photo, it seems like she just came out from the cupboard! The trick is certainly similar to what most Facebook users have played, but it’s integrated seamlessly into her Google+ profile!

amanda rosenberg
Brian Rose

Expect Brian Rose’s profile cover to be innovative and dazzling, after all he is from Google!

brian rose
Chris Messina

It seems like the guy could walk into the cover photo directly! Also it’s a good way to feature 2 people in just 1 profile.

chris messina
Dutch Photo Walk

By just looking at the arrangement of the photos in this cover, you can know that this guy is a professional.

dutch photo walk
Eric Cheng

Nothing is cooler than a shark swimming around in your Google+ cover photo.

eric cheng
Evo Terra

Not only is the use of the Google plus design pattern brilliant, the subtle animation made this cover a genuine example for an effective and persuasive Google+ cover photo.

evo terra
Jérôme Vadon

Jérôme Vadon integrated his Facebook Timeline cover into Google+ profile perfectly; also this is how a designer should do his cover photo. Neat and sleek.

jerome vadon
Jiwoong Lee

Did he take this photo just to put it as a G+ cover photo? It fits perfectly!

jiwoong lee
Jonathan Lally

Well this Google employee has a thing for interesting teddy bears.

jonathan lally
Kimberly Johnson

Google’s fascination with their doodles seems to be overflowing to their employees’ G+ cover photos.

kimberly johnson
Kosso K

No complicated stuff, 5 smoothly animated letters are enough to inspire.

kosso k
Melissa Daniels

Maybe one day we could load the part of our website on the G+ cover photo? For the time being, this fail to load page will do.

melissa daniels
Michael Skweres

A prisoner of his creativity, Michael Skweres’s attempt at his G+ Google Cover extends beyond the regular cover photo. Prison bars and icons included.

michael skweres
Peterson Silva

I’m jealous of Peterson Silva for his nice twist of Google+ cover photo, and his girlfriend as well!

peterson silva
Scott McCloud

Scott McCloud is undoubtedly an experienced comic artist, as he knows how to explain the creation of comics in an effective and interesting way, with just 1 cover photo!

scott mccloud
Søren Dalsgaard Brath

Sometimes a neat trick is all you need to get viewers focused on your photo.

soren dalsgaard brath
Nyan Cat

I can hear my brain singing “nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan“.

nyan cat
Angry Birds

Angry Birds‘ social media profile always come with creative and cute goodies, such as this floating king pig! I feel like shooting it to avenge the birds!

angry birds
Android Developers

The lesson to learn here is to think out of the box, your scrapbook photos don’t need to be all squares. Play tricks with their visual shape.

android developers
American Muscle

The right (and coolest) way to feature a car in a Google+ profile.

american muscle
Chapman BMW On Camelback

Unquestionably sleek and professional. Luxurious company with luxurious design skills.

chapman bmw on camelback
Evans Toyota

Flash-like animation is always the perfect eye candy to attract audiences.

evans toyota
Google Brasil

Complicated animation will only make the visitor suffer from the laggy profile, so Google Brasil made it smooth and simple.

google brasil
Google Developers

I would be a surprise if there’s no animation on the Google Developers’ G+ profile. But they did it, and they did it sleek.

google developers

Every part of this cover photo is simply adorable!

Malaysia Airlines

Clear sky, new Airbus, sexy typography. Everything in the cover photo symbolizes its brand.

malaysia airlines
Virgin Airlines

Smooth animation, motivating content and extreme focus to detail. Virgin Airlines have certainly hired the right designer to do its cover photo.

Nokia UK

It feels great to see that the Nokia’s cover photo is actually creative! My faith in Nokia is fully restored.

nokia uk
Nokia 700

In the end, it was the Nokia 700 that comes with the creative cover. If Nokia wants to do it, it could still do it right.

nokia 700
The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

I don’t know who did this, but he’s my hero from now.

cincinnati zoo & botanical garden

Cat and cuteness always win, that’s all I can say.