Revolutionize Your Images with Google’s RAISR Compression Technology

Viewing high-resolution photos on your smartphone isn’t exactly an ideal thing to do, particularly if your mobile data is limited. In a bid to help you save on bandwidth and data costs, Google has implemented a new machine learning-based image compression system on Google+.

This image compression system is called RAISR (Rapid and Accurate Super Image Resolution). RAISR works by analyzing a low-quality version and a high-quality version of the same image.

compressed image

Once RAISR finishes studying the superior photo, the system would proceed to apply filters on the low-quality version of the photo in order to recreate a replica of the high-resolution photo. Through this method, Google claims that users will use 75% less bandwidth on their devices.

While RAISR can only be found on Google+ at the time of writing, however, Google promises that the technology will be rolled out to other apps and services over the coming months.

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