10 Top Goal-Setting Software to Achieve Your Goals in 2024

Ever felt like you set goals but can’t seem to reach them? You’re not the only one.

Research from the University of Scranton reveals that an astonishing 92 percent of people who set goals don’t succeed in achieving them.

Goal setting apps

Goal setting can be tough, requiring discipline and drive. Traditional methods often fall short, lacking the support and guidance needed. However, with the correct tools and tactics, you can overcome these hurdles and fulfill your goals.

Let’s delve into the top 10 goal-setting software tools that will assist you in realizing your goals in 2024.

Tool Description Free Trial Paid Plan Starts At
ClickUp Cloud-based project management with customizable goal tracking. No specific mention $7 per user/month
Goalscape Visual goal mapping and neuroscience-based interface for tracking progress. Yes (14 days) $6 per user/month
GoalsOnTrack Personalized goal dashboard with SMART goals and habit tracking. Yes (14 days) $8.25/month
Engagedly Performance management tool aligning individual goals with strategic company objectives. Yes, duration unspecified Custom pricing
Weekdone Weekly planning and progress tracking with team collaboration features. Yes, duration unspecified $9/user/month
15five Performance management with focus on feedback, surveys, and engagement analysis. Yes, duration unspecified From $4/user/month
Trakstar SMART goals tracking with 360-degree feedback and performance reviews. Yes, duration unspecified Customized pricing
Perdoo OKR setting and tracking with integration of personal, team, and company goals. Yes, duration unspecified $10/user/month
Viva Goals AI-driven goal tracking integrated with Microsoft 365 for aligning organizational objectives. Yes, duration unspecified From $6/user/month
Fellow Enhances meeting productivity with goal setting, tracking, and real-time note-taking. Free plan for up to 10 team members $6/user/month

1. ClickUp

ClickUp Interface
Key features:
  • Ready-to-use goal templates
  • Customizable goal tracking
  • Setting and tracking sprint cycles
  • Integration with various productivity tools

Although not exclusively a goal-setting tool, ClickUp is a versatile cloud-based project management and collaboration platform. It boosts team productivity and accelerates goal achievement. Its user-friendly interface and communication features enable efficient task management, progress tracking, and target setting to keep projects on track.

ClickUp also integrates smoothly with other productivity tools like Fellow, aiding in managing meeting tasks and organizing to-do lists effectively.


ClickUp offers a free version and paid plans starting at $7 per user/month.

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2. Goalscape

Graphical Interface of Goalscape Software
Key features:
  • Visual goal mapping
  • Color-coded progress tracking
  • Sharing and collaborating on goals
  • Categorizing and prioritizing goals

Goalscape is perfect for those who like visualizing their goals. Its interactive, neuroscience-based interface allows you to set a primary goal and visually map out priorities. As you progress, the graph fills in, visually representing your advancements.

Goalscape offers several features like goal templates, tracking progress, sharing projects, managing tasks, and syncing with calendars. It’s popular among individuals and teams in various sectors including business, sports, education, and personal development.


Goalscape offers a 14-day free trial, then a subscription starting at $6 per user/month.

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3. GoalsOnTrack

GoalsOnTrack Interface
Key features:
  • Detailed goal planning and action steps
  • Task management and progress monitoring
  • Habit tracking for habit development
  • Reminders and accountability tools

GoalsOnTrack is a comprehensive tool designed to keep your goals well-aligned. It features a personalized goal dashboard, displaying key targets, daily tasks, and habits. The platform enables the creation of SMART goals, helping you efficiently work towards your objectives.

It also allows breaking down larger projects into smaller tasks with multi-level subgoals. You can monitor your progress in various ways and utilize detailed action plans from built-in goal templates.


GoalsOnTrack offers a 14-day free trial with subscriptions starting at $8.25/month.

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4. Engagedly

Engagedly Platform Overview
Key features:
  • Aligning goals with company objectives
  • Continuous feedback and employee appreciation
  • Performance analysis and tracking
  • Employee development and learning resources

Engagedly is a performance management tool based on a “People Success Model” that aligns individuals with strategic goals. It enhances the goal-setting process by aligning and monitoring performance across your organization.

Its advanced analytics and reporting capabilities assess goal alignment effectiveness, track progress, and update status.


Engagedly offers a free trial and custom pricing to suit your organization’s needs.

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5. Weekdone

Weekdone Dashboard
Key features:
  • Weekly planning and progress tracking
  • Team collaboration and feedback exchange
  • Analytics and visual reporting

Weekdone enables effective monitoring and tracking of weekly plans and progress, coupled with feedback that steers your team towards common goals. It uses a four-part workflow to help teams achieve their objectives.

The tool facilitates tracking project status, keeping everyone informed about prioritized initiatives. Task completion, feedback exchange, real-time collaboration, and integration with other digital tools are streamlined to optimize team performance.


Weekdone offers a free trial and subscription plans starting at $9/user/month.

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6. 15five

15Five Performance Management Tool
Key features:
  • Regular feedback and recognition
  • Employee surveys and engagement analysis
  • Insights and analytics on performance

15Five is an effective performance management tool that helps in goal setting, progress tracking, and team collaboration. Its platform excels in gathering and reporting data on key aspects such as employee engagement and productivity.

It also aids HR leaders in tracking critical objectives like employee retention, contributing to a holistic approach to talent management and organizational development.


15five offers a free trial with paid plans starting from $4/user/month.

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7. Trakstar

Trakstar for Goal Tracking
Key features:
  • SMART goals and progress tracking
  • 360-degree feedback and performance reviews
  • Employee development resources
  • Reporting and analytics tools

Trakstar enables effective goal tracking and clear visualization of team progress. Both managers and employees can monitor their own and others’ advancements.

It facilitates employee skill assessments, comprehensive evaluations, goal tracking, development strategies, and effective communication, even with time constraints. For those managing teams, it’s useful for setting clear expectations and scheduling regular updates.


Trakstar offers a free trial with customized pricing for your organization.

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8. Perdoo

Perdoo OKR Goal Tracking
Key features:
  • OKR setting and progress tracking
  • Enhanced team collaboration and alignment
  • Detailed analytics and insights
  • Integration with tools like Google Apps and Slack

Perdoo is a goal alignment platform that integrates personal, team, and company-wide objectives (OKRs) with key performance indicators (KPIs). Its extensive reporting features provide valuable insights and analytics to stay competitive.

Perdoo also includes coaching resources to support your journey towards achieving goals.


Perdoo offers a free trial and a premium plan available at $10/user/month.

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9. Viva Goals

Overview of Viva Goals Interface
Key features:
  • AI-driven goal tracking and insights
  • Alignment with organizational objectives
  • Progress monitoring with notifications
  • OKR workflows and ready-to-use templates

Viva Goals, formerly known as Ally.io, helps align your team’s goals with your company’s broader objectives.

Acquired by Microsoft in 2021, this tool aims to improve employee experience and reshape how organizations use technology to build stronger work connections, purpose, and outcomes in a hybrid environment.


Viva Goals is included in the Microsoft 365 plan, but separate plans start from $6/user/month.

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10. Fellow

Fellow App Interface
Key features:
  • Quarterly goal setting and tracking
  • Collaboration and team feedback
  • Organizing meeting agendas and action items

Fellow is designed to boost meeting productivity, enhancing team collaboration through real-time note-taking and objective tracking.

With its objectives tab, you can set goals for your team and track progress over the quarter. These goals can be integrated into meetings to discuss progress and tackle any challenges.


Fellow offers a free plan for up to 10 team members, with pro plans starting at $6/user/month.

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Goal-setting software offers tools to establish and track ambitious goals, featuring habit trackers, reminders, and goal-setting communities. Choosing the right goal management tool can help you align and achieve your goals effectively.