30 Home Office Designs That Truly Inspire

For people who work from home, the home office is an area that must be detached from the rest of the home. It is a place where productivity and creative ideas must be allowed to roam freely, where work can be done without distraction or interruption.

Therefore it is no wonder that many will put effort into turning that corner of the home into a home office that is conducive for work, rest and pondering.

In this collection, I have amassed 30 beautiful home office setups. Some of them are created to be close to nature; others are minimalistic. While some get to play with big wide spaces, there are some that make do with whatever small area they can play around with, and they do it cleverly. There is something for everyone here.

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#1 – An Invigorating Home Office Setting

This home office gives out a simplistic design with the fresh color of yellow giving out a bright and sunny hue. Also the excellent cable management makes it look clean and organized.

Source: Andrew Breja

home office design
#2 – “The Brain” – A Private Office

Simply known as “The Brain”, this private office was made for a filmmaker to inspire “ideas”. It looks like a place where masterpieces come to be materialized.

Source: Olson Kundig

home office design
#3 – Motorcycle Shop Turned Office

Owned by none other than David Karp, founder and CEO of blogging platform Tumblr, this house offers little to no distractions – not what you’d expect from someone who’s tech-savvy. And check out that beautiful Honda in the room.

Source: NYTimes

home office design
#4 – Once Factory, Now Office

Bet you won’t believe me if I tell you that this is an office located right in the center of an abandoned textile factory — a contrast to the cluttered conditions in a factory environment.

Source: HomeDSGN

home office design
#5 – Hall Residence

How stunning is this vintage office? From the beautiful golden wallpaper to the wooden furniture and chandelier, it really sets the tone for a lovely and refreshing atmosphere.

Source: Impressive Interior Design

home office design
#6 – Renovated Farmhouse Office

This house in Northern Italy combines a minimalist yet modern design while preserving the feel of a farmhouse. One is sure to feel right at home no matter what.

Source: Dwell.com

home office design
#7 – Sunny Side Office

A comfortable home office design with beautifully made custom furniture made from recycled building materials with large window panes.

Source: Jeremy Levine

home office design
#8 – Persian and Asian Inspired Office

Inspired by Persian and Asian prints, this home office was built with a family setting in mind. The long banquette on the wall and beautiful wooden furniture gives a soothing feeling to the atmosphere.

Source: Aspire Metro

home office design
#9 – Open Air Home Office

Why settle with a view of a tree when you can have a tree grow ino your office? This design is guaranteed to make every environmentalist happy.

Source: Soopakorn Srisakul

home office design
#10 – Loft 24/7

Another nature-friendly office in a stunning setting: a beautiful book case, wooden panel walls and floor, surrounded by greenery. It is the loft of many dreams.

Source: Fernanda Marques Arquitetos Associados

home office design
#11 – Big Open Spaces

At first glance, one might mistake this as a very sophisticated-looking office but it is actually a home! With its spacious walkways and bright atmosphere, it is the perfect place to think and be productive.

Source: Starrett-Lehig

home office design
#12 – A Bachelor’s Home Office

This home office for famous internet celebrity Julian Smith screams as the “Perfect Bachelor Pad”. This place is guaranteed to make you rock whatever beats you listen to with its hanging subwoofers and speakers!

Source: Julian Smith

home office design
#13 – Mazzali Living and Office Area

This Mazzali living and office area in Italy complements its white background and ceiling with brightly colored bookshelves and furniture.

Source: Mazzali

home office design
#14 – Urban Cabin “Treehouse” Office

This home office can easily be mistaken as a comfy “treehouse“. With a very spacious terrace that is surrounded by trees, this setting makes it hard to work because it’s so perfect to relax in!

Source: Jeremy Levine

home office design
#15 – The Office of Floating Shelves

The office of floating shelves maximizes this otherwise small room by having its shelves held afloat with hanging rods. It’s simple yet elegant and very practical.

Source: Jeremy Levine

home office design
#16 – Table By The Stairs

If you’re looking for a picture that describes “minimalist” then look no further than Per Vestman’s home office. With nothing more than his computer, a white desk and a painting and bike by his side, this is definitely a “less is more” theme.

Source: Jeremy Levine

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#17 – Converted 1940’s Office Building

This office building was once converted into a condo then back to an Oofice again. This office aims to preserve the look of the 40’s with its simple yet minimalistic furniture. wall design and light fixtures.

Source: Shyama Golden

home office design
#18 – Flexible Space with Recycled Wood Flooring

With the amount of space in this room, it can be transform to anything from an art studio, office space to a family room to sit and relax in. The flooring is also eye-catching.

Source: Jeremy Levine

home office design
#19 – Montmarte Flat Office

Another simple yet comfortable setup, the MontMarte flat is an overall white office with a striking red chair to give an eye-pleasing contrast.

Source: Nicolas Millet

home office design
#20 – Office with A Retractable Glass Roof

Love the night sky? Unwind from the stress of the office with this retractable glass roof design.

Source: Carter Jonas

home office design
#21 – Distraction-Free Home Office

Here’s another room that sets a perfect example of being “less yet more”; keep the distractions at bay and you might be able to find new ideas pouring in.

Source: seeasea

home office design
#22 – Cozy Interior

A home office that is obviously designed by and for an interior designer. This room has everything interior designer’s needs as well as a beautiful fireplace for more coziness.

Source: Alex Campbell Photography

home office design
#23 – Hackney Shed

You have all your basic essentials for work, a library, a comptuer, power outlets that work, right in the middle of nature. This is more than a shed, this is a home for ideas.

Source: Office Sian Architecture

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#24 – Postmodern Toronto House

At first this could be mistaken for a library, but this two-storey Toronto home is the perfect spot for either study or work while being surrounded with books. Truly a book lover’s dream office home.

Source: Architectural Digest

home office design
#25 – Office Nook

Another comfortable “sanctuary”, this room keeps it light with its descending shelves, wall color and table and chair setting. Check out the beautiful flooring and the curtains as a “barrier” between office and home regions.

Source: imgur

home office design
#26 – The Den

Having a foosball table in your office might be distracting, but not for someone who works in a creative field. Wooden tables and white walls with good natural lighting will definitely make anyone more focused in their work!

Source: Callum Chapman

home office design
#27 – A Balanced Home Office

One side is for work, the otherside leisure – basically what a productive office should look like.

Source: Kyle Anthony Miller

home office design
#28 – Ultra Minimalist Office

This setup has nothing but two workstations. May work for this graphic designer, may not work for others but to each its own, right?

Source: Marian Kadlec

home office design
#29 – A Designer’s Personal Space

The home of Vadim Sherbakov, art director and designer is bursting with creativity while avoiding a too jumbled state. With neatly aligned workstations atop a wooden table, and a wooden shelf filled with personal favorites.

Source: Vadim Sherbakov

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#30 – The Attic Office Of A Photographer

Simple and clean, this home office has a mix of vintage and modern design. The skylight lets in natural light which may be helpful for the photographer’s work.

Source: Iigia Ribeiro

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Did we miss your favorite home office setup? Please tell us in the comments, we’d love to have a look!