10+ Laptop Stand Ideas for Digital Nomads and Freelancers

If you are always on the go, you probably work with your laptop on your lap a lot. After a while, you feel a strain on your wrists and neck – because that isn’t the proper position to work on for long periods of time. Plus, over prolonged use, heat builds up at the bottom of your laptop. What you need is a laptop stand and a portable one which you can take with you on the go. And in this post, we have more than 10 of these stands you can check out.

The stands elevate your laptop to the proper level for you to work at, as well as keep your laptop from overheating.

Elago L4 Aluminum Stand

Available in silver, dark gray and champagne gold, Elago has two different designs (L3 and L4), which helps disperse the heat from your laptop effectively.

elago stand

ParcSlope for MacBook

This laptop stand will lift your screen up for better viewing angle, but will keep the keyboard on the desk level for comfortable typing.


Slate: Mobile LapDesk

Now here’s a true-to-definition mobile lap desk. It has space for your smartphone, mouse and you can choose between a left-handed or a right-handed version.


GhostStand for MacBook by Twelve South

The GhostStand is a transparent modern laptop stand that keeps your Mac elevated.


Bamboo Portable Laptop Desk

Use this desk for work or breakfast in bed. The height is adjustable and it has special holes to prevent laptops from overheating. Even has a small drawer for storing small items.


Easel Laptop Stand by iSkelter

This 2-piece wooden laptop stand is easy to store away and easy to setup – no folding required.


Kickflip by Bluelounge

This stand will be useful for both laptop and tablet. Just stick it to the back of your laptop and flip it open to use it as a stand.


Wall Desk 2.0

Use this on a regular desk, or attach it to a wall and use it while standing. Available in beautiful oak and walnut. ($220)


Flio Portable Wooden Laptop Stand

A collapsible, environment-friendly wooden laptop stand, that when folded, makes for easy lightweight storage. ($40)


Walnut Laptop Stand

This stand was designed to elevate your view while you work, play and watch at your laptop. A stainless steel stop lined with vegetable tanned leather keeps your laptop in place. Available in Maple too. ($119)

walnut stand

mStand Laptop Stand

Do you do a lot of presentations on your laptop? Maybe this stand will help elevate the experience. At the very least, it makes for a better viewing experience.


Media Laptop Stand

Made from ABS plastic with a non-slip surface, this minimalistic laptop stand also features a compartment for storing cables. Available in white, black, red and green. ($99)

media stand

Just Mobile Lazy Couch Padded Stand Set

Here’s an aluminum padded stand that works for your laptop and your tablets. And when you need to make a move, clip the two together for easy storage.

just mobile lazy

Lifta Desk Organizer

Can’t work without a desk? Try a mini version of a desk. Lifta not only lifts your laptop to a more ergonomic height but also gives you some space for your other essentials. ($200)


Cool Feet Laptop Lifts

Each set includes two long and two short “feet” so you can adjust your laptop in different angles and positions. ($13)

cool feet

Tablio Mini Desk

This is a portable table and stand in one. Made from bamboo, the design comes with pull-out extensions for your mouse as well as holes to prevent overheating. ($84)