70 Cute Smartphone Anti-Dust Plugs You Can Buy

If you look at current smartphone designs, whether it’s an iPhone, Blackberry or others, you will know that they lack one critical factor, at least for the ladies – cuteness! Although most third party vendors have been releasing many charming smartphone cases, they are more like laptop vinyl that beautify the phone, but they don’t make the device any cuter. That is, until I saw something on the Web that could make your smartphone cuter or even more feminine with minimal investment – introducing Anti-Dust Plug.

Today we are showcasing 70 charming anti-dust plugs in a great variety of forms, ranging from girly ribbons to shiny rhinestone gems and pirate skulls for the boys. You name it, this list’s got it!

So whether you just want to show off and have your friends shout out “wow, it’s toooo cute!”, or you are a guy and you want to make someone love you more, this is the post for you. But beware guys, the cuteness is strong in this post! Anyway, have fun picking your favorite plug and make your smartphone girly today!

Note: We do our best, but if you find that the item is out of stock, you can search for it in eBay and Amazon, and remember to always compare prices!

Swarovski Bear

swarovski bear

Cubic Zirconia

cubic zirconia

Broken Tooth [$3.40]

broken tooth

Soccer Ball

soccer ball

Swarovski Crystal Heart

swarovski crystal heart

Swarovski Crystal Flower

crystal flower

Swarovski Crystal Ribbon

swarovski crystal ribbon

Green Rhinestone Gem

green rhinestone gem

Swarovski Crystal Initial “H” [$9.21]

swarovski crystal initial - h

Swarovski Crystal Garden

swarovski crystal garden

Charm APLI Emerald

charm apli emerald

Charm APLI Crystal

charm apli crystal

Hot Pink Stylus

hot pink stylus



Eyeball [$3.40]


Mixed Colors Flatback Resin Bowknot [$2.68]

mixed colors flatback resin bowknot

Mixed Colors Resin Flower [$2.68]

mixed colors resin flower

Ribbon [$1.99]


Rose Flower [$1.95]

rose flower

Star [$5.37]


Ribbon Tie [$5.37]

ribbon tie

Rabbit [$5.37]


Cat [$5.37]


Cute Cake [$1.50]

cute cake

French Fries [$4.09]

french fries

Hamburger [$3.09]


Red Heart [$3.60]

red heart

Yellow Chick Bird [$3.60]

yellow chick bird

Hot Pink Sprout [$3.60]

hot pink sprout

Apple Leaf [$4.91]

apple leaf

Clockwork [$4.91]


Water Tap [$4.91]

water tap

Red Mushroom [$4.91]

red mushroom

Key + Mushroom [$5.99]

key plus mushroom

Sushi Tai [$4.91]

sushi tai

Puppy Dog [$8.51]

puppy dog

Rabbit Lover [$8.51]

rabbit lover

Pink Bear [$8.51]

pink bear

Winnie the Pooh [$12.00]

winnie the pooh

Mickey Mouse [$12.00]

mickey mouse

Nightmare before Christmas [$4.99]

nightmare before christmas

Android [$2.70]


Doraemon [$2.70]


Sunny Doll [$2.70]

sunny doll

Sponge Bob [$2.70]

sponge bob

Chopper [$2.70]


Lollipop [$2.60]


One Piece Pirate Skull [$2.60]

one piece pirate skull

Angry Bird HD [$1.99]

angry bird hd

Angry Bird Red Bird [$1.99]

angry bird red bird

Miffy [$1.99]


Hello Kitty [$1.99]

hello kitty

Totoro [$1.99]


Super Mario [$1.99]

super mario

Stitch [$1.99]


Domokun [$1.89]


Minnie Bowknot [$1.89]

minnie bowknot

Silicon Rabbit [$1.79]

silicon rabbit

Silicon Bear [$1.79]

silicon bear

Silicon Bird [$1.79]

silicon bird

Ear Cap (Initial A to Z) [$5.99]

ear cap

Nail Polish Cabochon Type A [$6.99]

nail polish cabochon type a

Nail Polish Cabochon Type B [$7.99]

nail polish cabochon type b

Black Blue Diamond [$19.99]

black blue diamond

Luxury Pentacle [$19.99]

luxury pentacle

Luxury Diamond [$19.99]

luxury diamond

Pirate Skull Captain [$6.98]

pirate skull captain

Sailor Skull [$6.98]

sailor skull

Stylus Touch Screen Pen [$1.99]

stylus touch screen pen

Royal Color Crystal Diamond [$3.88]

royal color crystal diamond