10 Gift Ideas for Gamers Under $10

While it isn’t necessarily difficult to get a gift for a gamer, there is no denying that some of the more popular gift options could get rather expensive.

If you would like to get your gamer friend a gift, but you have a very strict budget to adhere to, here are some suggestions that you can get for under 10 USD.

30+ Awesome Gifts Ideas for Geeks, Vol. 1

30+ Awesome Gifts Ideas for Geeks, Vol. 1

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Chessex Polyhedral 7-Die Set ($5.99)

Not all games are digital. In fact, some of the more popular games are board games. This is where the Chessex Polyhedral 7-Die set comes in.

This pack of dice is perfect for those who prefer games such as Monopoly and Dungeons and Dragons. In this pack, you’ll find the regular six-sided die, as well as more specialized dice variants such as the D4 and the D20.

Chessex Polyhedral 7-Die Set
Soapstone ($7.00)

As far as gifts go, the Soapstone is really straightforward. It is a bar of soap, shaped like a Hearthstone that can be found in World of Warcraft. This gift is perfect for hardcore WoW players, as also acts as a reminder to clean themselves up before or after an extended raiding session.

Video Game-themed Romantic Cards (€3.14)

Are you trying to woo someone who is a gamer? Then these video game-themed cards may just tip the scales in your favour. Sure the message on some of these cards may be cheesy for some, but gamers would highly appreciate the cheese factor on them.

Video Game-themed Romantic Cards
Mana and Health Energy Potions ($3.99/ bottle)

So I cheated a little to get this particular item into the list, but it needs to be here. The Mana and Health Energy Potions are essentially energy drinks that are coloured red or blue to represent health potions or mana potions respectively. If your friend is an avid RPG player, this gift would be particularly effective.

Mana and Health Energy Potions
Star Wars Helmet Pin ($10.00)

A true Star Wars fan can never forget that heart-wrenching scene from The Force Awakens where Finn gets blood smeared on his helmet. Now you can carry this unforgettable Star Wars moment like a badge (like literally) in the form of this cute pin.

Star Wars Helmet Pin
Super Mario Bros. Fridge Magnets ($6.69)

There’s hardly any 90’s kid who wouldn’t have Super Mario in his/ her childhood memories. As the 90’s kids would now be adults with their own houses and families, having these cute fridge magnets will keep Super Mario memories fresh in your minds and something cool to talk about to your kids.

Super Mario Bros. Fridge Magnet
EOVOLA Carry Case for Nintendo Switch ($5.99)

Specially designed for Nintendo Switch Lite, this handy case protects your gaming system during traveling and in storage. You’ll love the hard and durable EVA material for the shell and soft inner padding that protects Nintendo Switch Lite from scratches and dust.

EOVOLA Carry Case for Nintendo Switch
UNO Minecraft Card Game ($7.99)

Why play the same ol’ UNO when you can play it the Minecraft style. The game is basically the same as UNO but features Minecraft characters. The most fun thing is its special Creeper rule card that when you draw, the other players have to draw three more cards from the pile.

UNO Minecraft Card Game
Fire Mario Kumkum 3D Jigsaw Puzzle Figure ($9.90)

An interesting 3D jigsaw puzzle with Super Mario figure. Your mind will love this exercise of solving the puzzle joining different parts to create one figure.

Fire Mario Kumkum 3D Jigsaw Puzzle Figure
HDMI Splitter ($9.99)

HDMI Splitter is a much-needed accessory that’ll help you switch input between different consoles and devices. You can simply plug in two HDMI inputs and swap between them with a simple press of the button.

HDMI Splitter
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