20 Interesting Playing Cards You Can Buy

Playing cards is one of the most interesting board games of all times. They are played in all parts of the world by people of different ages, cultures, and tastes. Owing to this, playing cards are often made into most interesting and creative designs. So, in this post, I will showcase how certain designers have spread their creativity on playing cards.

From usage of different materials like gold, paper and plastic to application of various art forms like geometric patterns, illustrations and thematic desings, these playing cards add to the amusement of the game manifolds.

I’ve given the source with each design from where you can buy them. So, go ahead, give it a look and take your pick.

10 Unique Playing Cards (With Cool Design) For The Collectors

10 Unique Playing Cards (With Cool Design) For The Collectors

According to Wikipedia playing cards gave been around for over 1,100 years now. They have changed considerably since... Read more

24k Gold Foil Playing Cards

These luxury gold foil playing cards are an ideal way to impress anyone. It’s a set of 52 cards with two jokers and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

3D Playing Cards by Rocca

Rocca means hexagon in Japanese. With these creative cards, you can not just play typical card games but also build a flat tower of cards along the way.

Stealth Playing Cards MK1 Series

This amazing set of playing cards is an absolute must-have for card collectors. They have been designed as a tribute to the WW II military plane Stealth.

Black Playing Cards

Manufactured in United States, this minimalistic set of cards looks just awesome! The back of the cards features a simple black pattern, and the front has nice typography and colors.

Green Playing Cards

These green playing cards are The MGCO 3rd edition deck. They feature unique colors, typography, and icons. They are 250% larger than 2nd edition which helps us the see card elements better.

Cult Movie Cards

Cult Movie Cards were launched on Kickstarter and has gained £7,420 from of £4,000 of their goal. These cool cards feature central characters from the most popular movies of our time, and both front and back look stylish.

Gold Playing Cards

Here is another set of golden playing cards in this collection. However, these are made out of plastic, not real gold – just to make sure you know.

Medieval Playing Cards

Do you know that when cards first appeared in Europe in the 14th century, they were designed to represent European royalty and nobility? This set of cards is designed the same way.

Alice in Wonderland Playing Cards

This interesting set of playing cards features illustrations from “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking Glass” by Lewis Carroll. Each of 54 cards bears the image of a character from the book.

Hip Hop Playing Cards

This set of cards will be perfect for those of you who love the hip hop culture. The front features illustrated images of different hip hop artists, and black core lining gives snap-back and great shuffle.

Pixel Playing Cards

To all video game fans, this set of playing cards is just for you! These amazing cards feature pixels with transparent grid which creates optical effect.

Faces Playing Cards by Lanvin*

These hilarious playing cards are decorated with black-and-white illustrated faces and doodles. The back of the cards features colorful doodle ribbons.

Plywood Playing Cards

If you don’t feel like playing a card game, you can use this set of plywood cards to build different models. Using these, you can construct a House of Cards.

Adorable White Rabbits Poker Playing Cards

This cute set of cards features a unique white rabbit doing different things. The reverse side is the same for all cards, a bunny that is playing piano.

SSUR x Bicycle Playing Cards

Inspired by the iconic 70’s cult classic, the Warriors, these black playing cards are truly unique. The front of the cards is black with yellow and red icons, while the back includes floral patterns.

Playing Cards by Shinola

What is so special about these cards? It was produced by Bicycle Playing Cards, which are the most widely used playing cards in the whole world. The minimalistic combination of white, black, and orange looks amazing.

code:deck Playing Cards

Programming Language Playing Cards is the best set here made specifically for developers and programming nerds out there. Each card features a code snippet describing it in a different programming language.

Joyoldelf Creative Playing Cards

When everything these days is coming with a dark theme, then why not the playing cards? This is a dashing deck of playing cards based on Dunmer theme with a black background. The cards are made with high-quality PVC material that’s flexible and waterproof.

Joyoldelf Creative Playing Cards
Waterproof Playing Cards

Based on the Mexican festival ‘Día de los Muertos’ or the Day of the Dead, these enigmatic playing cards look gorgeous in the hands of the beholder. The deck is custom-made with 100% PVC material and is pretty lightweight.

Waterproof Playing Cards
Mythical Creatures Playing Cards

If you’re into mythical creatures from different cultures, then this desk of amazing playing cards should be your choice. The cards feature beautifully-drawn mythical creatures from Greek, Egyptian, Norse, and East Asian mythology and feel fantastic while playing.

Mythical Creatures Playing Cards
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