10+ Awesome Robotic Gadgets to Splurge On

Want new gift ideas for the coming holiday season? How about getting a robotic toy or gadget for the kid, teen or adult in your life? Surprise your loved ones with these fine, cutting edge robotic gadgets that can help them with household chores, robotic kits for DIY projects, robotic companions that entertain or educate, support development of young kids or help take care of pets.

It’s a pretty big list so you best be checking it out soon before they run out of stock. If you find any of them interesting, click in to check for the price and availability.

Starter Robotic Kit

Starter Robotic Kit is an excellent choice for techies who want to learn robotics, electronics, and Arduino programming. The kit contains different mechanical parts and electronic modules that allow users to build either a robot tank or a three-wheel robot car.

Learning doesn’t necessarily have to be hard, it can be a fun and engaging experience. ($149.99)

Starter Robotic Kit
Starter Robotic Kit

Dash & Dot Wonder Pack

Dash & Dot are an amazing robotic toy duo which comes with a xylophone, and two apps loaded with helpful instructions and cool games. Dash is a robot that works out of the box, responds to your voice, sings, dance, and navigates objects.

Dot is a robotic “brain” whose job is to introduce kids and adults to coding and robotics in a playful way.

Wonder Workshop Dash and Dot Robot Wonder Pack


Here’s a cute and unique robotic fur ball vacuum cleaner for Christmas. It looks like a regular furry ball, but it hides a little robot cleaner under the cover. It rolls around the house cleaning up on its own, working best on wooden and vinyl floors. It contains an internal timer, and it’s easy to clean. ($64)

Mocoro Robotic Fur Ball Vacuum Cleaner
Mocoro Robotic Fur Ball Vacuum Cleaner


Ozobot is a miniature smart robot that is able to react to lines, patterns and colours on both physical and digital surfaces. Draw labyrinths with different colours on paper, print mazes and paths for Ozobot to explore, or download the free Ozobot mobile app and place it right onto the screen of your tablet, or play mobile games with it

Ozobot features a colour optical sensing module and two independent micro-motors. ($50)

Ozobot Gaming Smart Robot

Robot Mower

Gardening has never been easier than with this smart robot lawn mower. It fully automizes grass mowing with the help of its cutting edge microcomputer processor, and it’s packed with tons of incredible features such as collision sensors, intelligent moving functions, and theft protection systems.

When it begins to rain, it even goes back to its charging station completely on its own.

Robot Mower

Remote Controlled Tarantula

You can bet this remote controlled tarantula will give the creeps to anyone who doesn’t treat its owner with enough respect. Thanks to its hairy design this scary creature looks quite similar to the real insect, and can move forwards, backwards, and rotate 360 degrees. Its legs can move independently and its eyes can light up in a frightening way. ($24.99)

Remote Controlled Tarantula


If you want to surprise your loved one with a more friendly high-tech pet, Zoomer, the interactive robot dog can be an excellent choice. It’s playful, funny, can talk, bark, scoot around, wag its tail, and even understands three languages: English, Spanish and French.

It can be a great substitute for a real dog, and you never have to worry about missing feeding time, or cleaning after it.

Zoomer Interactive Robot Dog


According to its makers, AutoMee is the smallest robotic cleaner in the world. It can clean the screen of any smartphone or tablet, and it really doesn’t take up too much place. AutoMee can facilitate the everyday lives of not only smartphone addicts, but anyone who regularly taps on mobile touch screens.

With the help of AutoMee there will no more annoying fingerprints on your favourite devices. ($25)

AutoMee Robot Screen Cleaner

Omnibot Hello!

OmniBot Hello! MiP comes on two wheels to your help whenever you quickly need something, let it be a chilled drink or your glasses. MiP’s trajectory can be controlled on a smartphone, and its direction can be changed with a simple gesture

It can also dance to music, and even box with another MiP to keep you entertained. ($111)

Omnnibot Two-Wheeled Robot
Omnnibot Two-Wheeled Robot

JD Humanoid

This smartly designed humanoid robot kit allows users to build a fully functional humanoid robot that can walk, dance, play the piano, and engage in many other activities.

The kit offers many features, such as heavy-duty servo motors for unique movements, a built-in camera for vision tracking, speech recognition for vocal commands, and built-in Wi-Fi connectivity for app control. ($430)

JD Humanoid Revolution Robot Kit

Droplet Robotic Sprinkler

The Droplet Robotic Sprinkler is a brilliant gadget that saves precious water and protect the environment, lowering water consumption by up to 90%, to save an average of $263 yearly on watering costs.

Droplet leverages on real-time weather data, knows the exact location of plants, calculates the most effective angle to disperse water, and in the required amount. It can be easily set up and configured via the web. ($300)

Droplet Robotic Sprinkler


This self-cleaning robotic litter box must be the dream of every cat owner. It has smart sensors that detect when a cat has used the box and left it, then initiate a self-cleaning mechanism in 7 minutes.

The robotic litter box uses a carbon filter that helps prevent odors, and has a drawer that can be lined with regular kitchen garbage bags to make it easy to remove the waste. ($450)

Litter-Robot Self-Cleaning Litter Box


Tosy is a high-tech dancing robot supplied with an MP3 player and a stand containing two DiscoStage speakers. Its dancing steps are customizable via smartphones and tablets, and it can perform 56 different sophisticated movements.

Tosy is an awesome gift for anyone who loves music, parties, and dancing; teens will be surely fond of it.

Tosy Discorobo Dancing Robot

Bionic Bird

Choose this cool Bionic Bird as a gift that will surprise your loved ones with a unique experience. The Avitron Bluetooth Bionic Bird flies up to the sky to show new horizons to its owners. You can control your bird via bluetooth, follow it with the help of a tablet or a smartphone, and enjoy the amazing view it captures during the flight. ($149.95)

Avitron Bluetooth Bionic Bird

Room Defender

This programmable room security system is a robotic toy for kids that teaches them basic programming skills in an engaging way. The gadget comes with a programmable door alarm, with secret access codes, secret knocks, and key cards, as well as sirens, lights, and different sound effects.

It also can record personal greetings for friends and family members. ($28.97)

Programmable Room Security System

BB8 Droid

Any Star Wars fan will be more than happy to be surprised with this BB8 app-enabled Droid. BB8 is not just a regular robot, but it has an adaptive personality that changes as you play, showing a range of expressions based on your interactions, recognizing and reacting to your voice.

You can even record and view virtual holographic videos with it.

BB8 Droid

MOSS Zombonitron 1600

MOSS Zombonitron 1600 is a modular robotic kit for tech lovers that includes 16 MOSS blocks, 56 carbon steel spheres, a light sensor, a proximity sensor, two motors, and many other advanced features. With the help of the steel spheres you can combine hinges and joints to create simple motions.

Zombonitron lets users experiment, and build hundreds of different kind of amazing robots. ($199.95)

MOSS Zombonitron 1600 Cubelets
MOSS Zombonitron 1600 Cubelets
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