20 Fun Robotic Gadgets to Buy This Holiday Season

Are you looking for the perfect gift that combines technology, fun, and innovation? Look no further! In our latest guide, we delve into a world where robotics isn’t just for scientists. We’ve curated an exciting list of robotic gadgets that are perfect for everyone – from playful toddlers to tech-savvy teens, and even adults who cherish a touch of futuristic flair in their daily lives.

fun robotic gadgets

Whether it’s for play, practicality, or just the pure awe of cutting-edge technology, our selection promises to offer something special for every age and interest. Explore our top picks for robotic toys that spark imagination, and household gadgets that bring a slice of the future into your home. Get ready to surprise your loved ones (or treat yourself!) with a robotic gadget that’s sure to be the highlight of this holiday season.



For a friendlier high-tech pet, consider Zoomer, the interactive robot dog. It’s playful, amusing, and can talk, bark, scoot, and wag its tail. It understands English, Spanish, and French. It’s a hassle-free alternative to a real dog, requiring no feeding or cleanup.

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Delta35 35W Fast Charger
Delta35 Fast Charger


Experience advanced charging with the Delta35 Fast Charger, where cutting-edge GaN technology meets a customizable mecha robot design. Charge multiple devices rapidly with its 35W power and dual USB-C ports, all while ensuring safety and compatibility with a range of devices, from smartphones to MacBooks.

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Runaway Alarm Clock
Runaway Alarm Clock


Waking up is now an adventure with the Runaway Alarm Clock, designed to roll away beeping until you catch it! This New York-made clock offers a unique solution to oversleeping, with adjustable snooze options and effective performance on various floor types.

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Roomba s9+ & Braava M6 Bundle
Roomba s9


Keep your home impeccably clean with the Roomba s9+ robotic cleaner. This advanced cleaning duo excels in larger homes, featuring a robot vacuum with powerful suction and a mop with Precision Jet Spray, all integrated with iRobot OS for ultimate convenience.

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Energize Lab Eilik Bot
Energize Eilik Bot


Meet Eilik, the Energize Lab’s Little Companion Bot, a polycarbonate, blue-colored robot that brings emotional intelligence to life. With the ability to recognize and interact with other robots, Eilik offers a new dimension of social engagement and playful companionship.

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Loona Smart Robot
Loona Smart Robot


Loona Smart Robot combines fun and utility, offering interactive play and remote assistance. This self-charging companion connects users through the Loona App, featuring games and a community platform, powered by a high-performance processor and 3D ToF LiDAR sensor navigation.

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Gita Mini Carrier Bot
Gita Mini Carrier Bot


Experience next-level convenience with the Gita Mini Carrier Robot, a sleek, all-black robotic carrier. Its stylish monochrome design with matching wheels enhances its aesthetic appeal. Equipped with a machine vision system, it effortlessly follows its owner, perfect for hands-free carrying of items.

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Sony aibo Robot
Sony aibo


Sony’s aibo Companion Robot is your digital pet with a heart, evolving through interactions to form a unique bond. This lifelike robotic pet comes complete with accessories and AI cloud service, becoming a permanent, cherished family member.

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Dolphin Nautilus Pool Vacuum
Dolphin Pool Vacuum


The Dolphin Nautilus CC robotic pool vacuum revolutionizes pool cleaning with its wall-climbing capability and active scrubbing brush. Enjoy crystal-clear water and more leisure time, thanks to Dolphin’s 35-year expertise in convenient, efficient, and cost-effective pool maintenance technology.

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Starter Robotics Kit
Robotics Starter Kit


The Starter Robotic Kit is a superb option for those keen on delving into robotics, electronics, and Arduino programming. It includes various mechanical components and electronic modules, enabling the construction of either a robot tank or a three-wheel robot car. Learning can be both enjoyable and engaging with this kit.

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Dash & Dot Wonder Pack
Dash & Dot Pack


Dash & Dot are a fantastic pair of robotic toys that come equipped with a xylophone and two apps filled with useful instructions and fun games. Dash is a ready-to-use robot that responds to voice commands, sings, dances, and avoids obstacles. Dot, the ‘robotic brain’, introduces children and adults alike to coding and robotics in an entertaining manner.

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Start from $175.00

Ozobot is a tiny, intelligent robot that responds to lines, patterns, and colors on both physical and digital surfaces. Create labyrinths on paper, print mazes, or use the free Ozobot mobile app to explore new ways of interaction. It features advanced color optical sensing and dual independent micro-motors.

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RC Tarantula
RC Spider


This remote-controlled tarantula is sure to spook anyone not showing proper respect. With a realistic hairy design, it can move in all directions and rotate 360 degrees. Its legs move independently, and its eyes glow menacingly.

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Omnibot Hello


OmniBot Hello! MiP is your two-wheeled assistant for quick tasks, like fetching a drink or your glasses. Control its path via smartphone, change its direction with simple gestures, enjoy its dance moves, or watch it box with another MiP for your entertainment.

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Automower 415x Lawn Mower
Automower 415x


Revolutionize lawn care with the Husqvarna Automower 415X, a sophisticated robotic mower for small to medium-sized lawns up to 0.4 acres. Featuring Automower Intelligent Mapping for precise zone control and systematic mowing, it ensures a flawlessly maintained lawn. With GPS navigation, automatic passage handling, and remote control via its app, this mower combines convenience with advanced technology for effortless lawn perfection.

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JD Humanoid Robot
JD Humanoid

Start from $269.00

This innovative humanoid robot kit lets you build a robot capable of walking, dancing, playing piano, and more. It features robust servo motors for unique movements, a built-in camera for vision tracking, voice recognition, and Wi-Fi connectivity for app control.

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The self-cleaning robotic litter box is a cat owner’s dream. With smart sensors, it detects use and initiates cleaning after 7 minutes. It includes a carbon filter to minimize odors and a drawer compatible with regular kitchen garbage bags for easy waste disposal.

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Tosy Robot
Tosy Robot


Tosy, a high-tech dancing robot, comes with an MP3 player and two DiscoStage speakers. Customize its dance steps via smartphones or tablets. It can perform 56 different movements and is an excellent gift for music and dance enthusiasts, especially teenagers.

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Bionic Bird
Bionic Bird

Start from $119.00

The Bionic Bird offers a unique flying experience as a gift. Controlled via Bluetooth, it ascends to the skies, operable via tablet or smartphone. Enjoy breathtaking views captured during its flight.

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BB8 Droid
BB8 Droid


Star Wars enthusiasts will be thrilled with the BB8 app-enabled Droid. More than a mere robot, BB8’s personality adapts to your interactions, displaying a range of reactions and recognizing your voice. It also allows recording and viewing of virtual holographic videos.

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