Control Smartphone Apps With Twitter Hashtags

Twitter is amongst the top social media platforms in the digital world that gives you news and even humorous content. Recently, it broke down for 20 minutes, thanks to the host of the 86th Academy Awards, Ellen Degeneres, when she took a group selfie with a few movie stars. That selfie is the most popular Tweet of all time with over 3 million Retweets and almost 2 million favourites.

Twitter is epic like that. It also allows you to do things like control your PC and now control smartphone apps with the help of CtrlTwit. By following @CtrlTwit and replying to a Tweet with a few commands and their selected #hashtags, you’ll be able to like posts on Instagram, subscribe to YouTube channels, find locations to eat on Foursquare and plenty of other things.

How CtrlTwit Works

CtrlTwit is quite simple to use. First, follow their @CtrlTwit Twitter account .This account will be feeding you all the information that you’re looking for. To begin using it, just look for Tweets with apps that it supports. It currently supports apps like Instagram, YouTube, Dropbox, Pocket, Instapaper, Foursquare, and Meetup.

For example, when someone shares an Instagram post on Twitter, you can like it by simply replying to that person’s Tweet and typing in @instagram like #ctrltwit. CtrlTwit will then automatically use your Instagram account and like that picture for you.

@CtrlTwit will then Tweet you a confirmation saying that you’ve liked the selected Instagram picture. It will look something like this.

Supported Apps

There are a few commands that you can use to your advantage on CtrlTwit. Here are all the supported apps and their corresponding commands with a description of what you can do with CtrlTwit.


Replying @instagram like #ctrltwit to any Tweet with an Instagram photo automatically likes the photo using your Instagram account.

Using @instagram comment [your comment] #ctrltwit will add a comment to that following Instagram picture that you reply to. The only limitation here is that you still have to follow Twitters 140 character limit, so your comment can’t be that lengthy.

You can also instantly follow someone on Instagram through a Tweet by replying @instagram follow #ctrltwit to a Tweet that has an Instagram link.


When someone Tweets about a YouTube video and provides a link, you can instantly Subscribe to that video’s YouTube channel by replying @youtube subscribe #ctrltwit.


You can also check how much Dropbox space you have left. Simply Tweet CTRL @dropbox how much space left? #ctrltwit and @CtrlTwit will reply you with the amount of storage space you’ve used and how much you have left.


On Foursquare, you can do two things using CtrlTwit. You can check in anywhere using Foursquare by Tweeting CTRL @foursquare check in at [name of place] #ctrltwit without using the brackets. So your tweet should look something like CTRL @foursquare check in at McDonald’s #ctrltwit.

You can also ask Foursquare to suggest a place nearby to eat at. Just Tweet CTRL @foursquare where to eat? #ctrltwit. @CtrlTwit will then give you a location that’s near the detected Tweet location.


It also works for Evernote where you can save links to any Evernote notebook of your choice. You do this by replying to a Tweet that has a link and then adding @evernote add to [notebook name] #ctrltwit.


If someone Tweets a Meetup event, you can RSVP to it by replying to them and then adding @meetup rsvp yes/no/maybe #ctrltwit at the end.


You can also automatically save links that people Tweet to the ‘read later’ app, Pocket, by replying to that tweet and adding @pocket save #ctrltwit to it.


If your preferred ‘read later’ app is Instapaper instead, you can add links in Tweets to your Instapaper account by replying to that Tweet and adding @instapaper later #ctrltwit.

Final Thoughts

CtrlTwit will definitely help the Twitter addict who just can’t seem to catch up with all the content. Do note that CtrlTwit would need access to apps that you choose to use it with. Therefore, using the above commands for the first time would result in them asking you for authorization.

However, after that one-time authorization request, you’re all set and ready to use CtrlTwit. There’s more room for other apps to come into play, it’s just a matter of time before it supports all your favourite smartphone apps.