How to Activate Text-to-Speech on iOS [Quicktip]

We’ve come a long way from reading from print sources. No longer are we confined to reading magazines, newspapers and books that we must first get from a store. Smartphones and tablets now allow us to read materials straight from a website or app, in the comforts of our own home or at the office. We can now read updated materials on-the-go every day without fail.

But there is one more thing that our electronic reading supplements can do better than its printed counterparts. Thanks to the new iOS update, you can activate the ‘Text-to-Speech’ function to let your iOS read out a highlighted article. Imagine getting your iPhone or iPad read out the news or a report for you while you work on other pressing matters. Let’s get this feature activated.

Activate Text-to-Speech

  1. From your iOS device, go to the Settings page, select General > Accessibility.


  2. Tap on Speak Selection.

    Speak Selection

  3. Slide the option to ON and made an adjustment to the Speaking Rate. The speaking rate will detemine how fast the text is read.


  4. Now open any website, touch and hold the text area until an option appears. Adjust the highlighted area to highlight the text you want your iOS to read out. Once selected, tap on the Speak button.


  5. It doesn’t only work for websites, it also works for all your documents on your iOS devices.
  6. Tex to Speech


Now with this Text-to-Speech option, you can sit back and listen to any content on your iOS device, without having to read out. It is great help for when you want to go through a long article but don’t want to strain your eyes to do so. It will also be a great substitute for reading to kids, and for when you want to find the correct pronunciation of any word you find on the Internet.

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