How to Activate Text-to-Speech on iPhone and iPad (2023)

Have you ever wished that your iPhone or iPad could read out text to you? With the ‘Text-to-Speech’ feature iOS (and iPadOS), it can! This feature lets your device read aloud things like news articles or reports. It’s like having a personal reader right in your pocket!

In this blog post, we will show you step-by-step how to turn on this feature. You’ll see how easy it is to make your iPhone or iPad read out text to you. Let’s get started and make reading on your device even easier and more convenient.

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Activate Text-to-Speech

On your device, open the "Settings" app. Then, within "Settings", look for the "Accessibility" option.

settings > accessibility

Tap on "Spoken Content."

accessibility > spoken content

Within “Spoken Content”, tap once to turn on the “Speak Selection” feature. You also have the option to adjust the “Speaking Rate”, which determines the speed at which the text will be read.

turn on speak content

Now, open any website and press and hold on the area of text that you want your device to read out loud. When an option appears, adjust the highlighted area to cover the exact text you’re interested in. Once you’ve selected the text, tap on the "Speak" option.

speak on web content


With this Text-to-Speech feature, you can comfortably listen to any content on your mobile device instead of reading it yourself. This tool is particularly helpful when you want to absorb a lengthy article without straining your eyes.

Moreover, it serves as an excellent alternative to reading out loud to children, and it’s a handy tool when you need to learn the correct pronunciation of a word you’ve found online.