20 Free Newsstand Magazines You Can Download From The App Store

Apple’s Newsstand offers many magazines of varying topics. From technology, design, sports and news, there is enough content there to fill every niche. While many of them are paid content, you might be surprised to know that there are free magazines avalable – they are just a little difficult to find.

Well, we’ve crawled through the App store and the Web at large to find some of the top-quality newsstand contents you can download for your leisurely reading. Here are some of the contents various publications put up for free. After checking them out, if you crave for more full-featured content, do consider subscribing to these top-notch digital magazines.

The New York Times

The Gray Lady herself was one of the first to take advantage of Apple’s Newsstand system. The publisher offers 10 article views a month on all of its online services. Full access requires a subscription. It may not seem like a lot but should be enough to skim through the latest breaking news the New York Times is known for.

New York Times iPad

The Economist & Intelligent Life

One of the biggest and most influential magazines in the world, The Economist offers their own Economist magazine, containing the editor’s choice of articles (written and spoken) for free, and Intelligent Life, a culture magazine. For the former, you will need to pay a fee for the full magazine, but Intelligent Lif is entirely free to download and enjoy.

The Economist iPad

Bloomberg Businessweek+

Bloomberg is one of the most respected names in business reporting and with their iPad app, you can get a selection of their articles for free. And if you are already subscribed to the print edition, you can validate this through the app and get the digital edition free of charge.

Al Jazeera English iPad

Sydney Morning Herald

The Sydney Morning Herald is the oldest published newspaper in Australia and through the years has gained a reputation for its high journalistic standards. The paper covers both Australian and world affairs, and the app offers their front page articles as well as their editor’s choice for free. Also included are articles from their lifestyle sections.

Sydney Morning Herald iPad


Vice, known for its gonzo journalism with their reporters covering some of the most dangerous stories on earth, offers up their magazine and its archive for free. The magazine covers news, current events and culture, as well as a few topics that defy classification.

Vice iPad


The free UK tabloid offers its digital version for free as well. The paper contains a mix of topics, from news, sports, lifestyle among others and is mostly filled with short articles that are perfect for a quick read during commute.

Metro UK iPad


Paragraph is a free magazine that aims to find the best stories that are published on the internet and present them in a beautiful layout. It does more than just stories, with various related multimedia links to enhance the reading experience.

Paragraph iPad

Adobe Inspire

Adobe issues a free monthly magazine that focuses on creative topics. It features tips and tricks on using Adobe software as well as design in general. They also include some highlighted works of artists and photographers. A must-have if you are a creative junkie or a heavy user of Adobe products.

Adobe Inspire iPad


Brought to you by the same people behind the Hipstamatic app, Snap is a magazine that "showcases the driving forces behind global creative culture". In essence, it’s a photography magazine that showcases the works of photographers and the stories behind them.

Snap iPad


A travel magazine that showcases cities and countries, giving the reader a preview of them and what to expect. It’s not a tour guide, more of a quick glimpse into the area, showing you prime spots with beautiful, hi-res photos. If you ever consider traveling around, download one of their magazines for a small showing of what the place has to offer.


Square Mile

A UK lifestyle and business magazine primarily aimed at those working in the London’s financial industry, the magazine focuses on topics that will interest those interested in the finer things in life, as well as interesting goings-on in the city of London.

Square Mile iPad

Al Jazeera English Magazine

Al Jazeera English offers a monthly magazine that covers the hottest and most pressing topics that is on the news. The magazine features in-depth articles and analysis from the reporters of Al Jazeera, with each issue dedicating itself to one main topic. Past issues include coverage of Nelson Mandela’s death and the constitutional transitions of Turkey.

Al Jazeera English iPad


Gamereactor is a European gaming magazine, featuring the typical things you would expect in one, reviews, previews, features and the like. What’s special about this magazine is that it’s available in multiple languages such as Spanish, German and Russian. So if you’re looking for something other than English, this magazine has got you covered.

Gamereactor iPad

Walmart Gamecenter

Walmart’s monthly gaming magazine that promises to offer "news, previews, interviews and other exclusive stories about gaming culture and the most important game releases." The magazine is published with collaboration with EGM Media, which also publishes one of the longest running gaming magazine, Electronic Gaming Monthly, so you know the content’s good.

Walmart Gamecenter iPad

WebMD Magazine

Released once every two months, WebMD Magazine is published by WebMD, one of the biggest providers of medical information on the Web. It contains general health tips, so it’s something to look at for those watching their health.

WebMD Magazine iPad

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