How to Convert Your Tweets Into a Published Book

Twitter — the popular micro-blogging service — is the 38th top website on the Internet, according to Amazon’s Alexa. But you already know it, right? After all, Twitter is the place to raise your voice, join conversations, and follow your interests, right? I readily use it to follow my favorite blogs and topics and stay updated about computers and technology, my country, and the world.

Unlike me, active users on Twitter post tweets to make announcements, share updates, or raise their voices against public issues. According to Internet Live Stats, 6,000 tweets are tweeted every second, on average, on Twitter, equaling 500 million tweets per day or 200 billion tweets per year. With 350 million users, it averages to almost 550+ tweets getting posted by a person every year.

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With these many tweets, you cannot easily browse old tweets. The reason being Twitter moves too fast, and it is uneasy to scroll through hundreds of tweets to read your favorite tweets posted some months or a few years ago. There are a few ways to help in this situation: you can document your favorite tweets using an infographic or extract your tweets in the form of an analytical report.

But wouldn’t it be more interesting to document your tweets in a paper book? There are a few services that allow you to convert your tweets into a published book and revisit those tweets more easily than scrolling through hundreds of tweets on Twitter. Let’s get to know the process of publishing a tweet-book.

Publish a Book via BlookUp

BlookUp, a project started by Philip Bruno in 2012, allows its users to convert their tweets into a published book. You can choose to make a book out of your top-100 tweets or handpick the tweets you want to publish. The books are 11 cm x 17 cm in dimension and cost $22 and above depending on the size of the book. You can also preview the book with your tweets before finalizing the order.

BlookUp helps convert tweets into books

Here’s how to convert your tweets into a published book using BlookUp:

  1. Open one of the following pages in a browser depending on your preference: My Top 100 tweets in a book! or The book of your tweets.
  2. Click on the See my book button to preview the book with your tweets.
  3. You will be directed to a page where you’ll be asked to connect your Twitter account to BlookUp > click on Connect me to Twitter.
  4. Enter your Twitter username and password and click Authorize app. After you authorize Blookup to connect to your Twitter account, it will be able to go through your tweets, profile information, and account settings.
  5. Now, you can choose to include replies to your tweets. Then, you must select a time frame from which BlookUp will pick the top-100 tweets.
  6. Once you’re done with these steps, you will see the payment and shipping page. Enter details, check the complete order and make the payment.

That’s all about BlookUp. And the process to publish a book of your tweets using BlookUp. Hope you find it handy for publishing your tweets for the long term.

Is there an alternative?

TweetBookz is another similar service, allowing you to print your tweets into a book. The book can contain up to 200 tweets and looks 13.97 cm x 21.59 cm in dimensions. Its cost depends on the cover: a hardcover book is priced at $24.99 and a softcover book is priced at $14.99 at TweetBookz.

Hope you find these services helpful in converting your tweets into long-term memories. How’s your experience? Let me know by writing a comment below.