Tools & Apps to Supercharge your Instagram Account

We had fun with the last post on 80 Twitter Tools to do almost everything so we thought of revisiting the format with Instagram instead. The list turned up a variety of tools that can add more fun to power users and avid Instagrammers alike, ranging from the regular scheduling of posts to printing your Instagram photos in books and other surprising mediums.

In this list you will find 40 online tools, and mobile apps for iOS and Android that can help you do plenty of fun things, such as the followings:

Worldcam. This web app lets you find Instagram photos from around the world or from your city. You can type a place you want to discover and the app will show the latest photos in the area.

Hyperlapse. An Instagram official app for iOS which helps you make beautiful timelapse videos. The app has in-house stabilization.

Layout. An official Instagram app that allows you to remix your photos into a personalized layout.

Instapan. Want to post a panorama picture to Instagram? Instaspan turns your panorama photo into a smooth video so your fans don’t miss out on anything.

Manage Followers

Iconosquare. Get analytics of your Instagram account like your most liked photo, average number on comments or likes, followers’ growth displayed ona chart and more useful analytics.

Boomf. Boomf can print your Instagram photos onto delicious marshmallows. That’s it. It starts from $25 for 9 photos, but shipping is free anywhere in the world.

Past Book. Get your Instagram photos printed as coffee table books for as little as $19 for 24 pages. Prices vary according to number of pages, size and cover preference (hardcover or softcover). Free shipping worldwide.

Inselly. Sell your stuff via your Instagram account with the help of Inselly. Tag sellables with #inselly, and start selling. Get paid via Paypal.

Soldsie. Soldsie lets your follower purchase the good you put up for sale on Instagram. Just commenting ‘Sold” will initiate the app to automatically invoice the buyer to complete the purchase.

Like2buy. Turn your image feed into a gallery of the products you want to put up for sale. Buyers can like the items they are interested in and be taken to your site’s product page.

IFTTT. Use IFTTT recipes to copy your Instagram photos into Google Drive or other types of storage of your choice.

InstaSave for Android. Download any Instagram image to your Android by copying the share link from the photo; the app will automatically process the download.

nolikesyet. Find images that do not have likes, and surprise the owner of the photo with a supportive first like.

InstaMessage. This iOS application lets you connect and chat with nearby Instagram users.

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