20 Twitter Accounts You Should Follow For A LMAO Good Time

We all need breaks from work once in a while to take the stress off our shoulders, and what better way to relax than to read a few funny tweets. If you are an avid follower of a tweeting good time, you really should follow these 20 accounts. Be advised, your sense of humor may vary.

We’ve found some of the wackiest parody Twitter accounts of celebrities where they tweet the most nonsensical and funny stuff. Remember that you can put these accounts into a ‘comedy’ list on Twitter so that everything else is filtered out for you to enjoy. Also, recommend your favorite tweet tracks to follow or listen to.

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You don’t have to be a Harry Potter fan to enjoy the tweets of ‘he who must not be named’. He tweets about hashtags that are trending on Twitter with a small Harry Potter reference. Other times he adds some Dark Lord evil into it. Sometimes it work, other times you chuckle. [Followers: 2.2 million]


An internet meme brought to the world of Twitter. If you don’t already know about bad luck Brian, the fictional character goes through scenarios that backfire on him. The harsh outcome of his actions shown through tweets are outright funny, and almost always sad. [Followers: 417k]


Betty White is a TV personality that most of the younger generation might not know about, but should. She’s an actress and comedian who has been in the industry for 65 years, and this parody account brings her out of control and outrageous sense of humor into Twitter. [Followers: 116k]


Chuck Norris can do some of the most outrageous things a human being can do like counting to infinity, twice. This Twitter account with superhuman facts of Chuck Norris will keep you entertained. Its ridiculous one liners could (maybe) inspire you to be great too. [Followers: 238k]


Late night TV host Conan O’Brien is ranked among the top 100 accounts with the most Twitter followers – you can form a country with his followers. The comedian’s tweets are a bit crude just the way his followers like it. [Followers: 8.5 million]


This account is from the birth of the internet meme Condescending Wonka where he tweets of things that would insult your intelligence, condescendingly. Follow at your own risk. [Followers: 644k]


‘Public Relations’ for the Death Star… whoever thought of that is a genius. This creative account talks about everyday problems and how to solve them the Jedi way. Other tweets include making fun of Stormtroopers and Star-Wars-related jokes. [Followers: 255k]


Another internet meme brought to life. You have definitely come across and can relate with some of these ‘pains’ at one time or another. Most are funny, some are (ridiculously) true. [Followers: 739k]


Alan Garner is a character from the movie "The Hangover". His Twitter handle ‘Wolfpack’ is based on happenings in the movie but his tweets aren’t. And they are flat out hilarious. [Followers: 936k]


Many know that LMAO is internet speak for Laughing My Ass Off, and this is what this Twitter account tries to achieve with its tweets. So follow it for lots of LOL moments (and so true moments) through its content. [Followers: 2.1 million]


Ever wondered what God would say if he had Twitter? He fixes sports matches, gives you tips on how to be happy and has a beef with America, Canada and atheists. Don’t follow if you can’t take the naked truth. [Followers: 822k]


This is not a parody account. Kelly Oxford is a Canadian screenwriter, social media blogger and parent. She’s popular and has many followers due to her funny, down-to-earth tweets, some revolving around parenting. [Followers: 531k]


Men, can’t live with them, can’t live without them; them clear, honest advice is all you will need. Follow to find out what men normally do and say. [Followers: 2.6 million]


Fans of the popular US TV series, The Office, would remember the darnest things that Michael Scott says during his time there. This Twitter account is dedicated to his awesome and embarrassing character where you’ll find some of his memorable quotes The Office. [Followers: 25k]


Barney Stinson is a character of the TV series How I Met Your Mother. Anyone who watches it will know that Barney is an epicly cool character that always wants to have fun. Although it’s a parody account, tweets here are so like him it is as if he’s manning this Twitter account personally. [Followers: 278k]


Will Ferrell has starred in many comedic movies, this parody account of him really depicts his funny personality. There’s a lot of crude humor on his Twitter bound to make your mind pause, load, then get stitches from laughing too hard. [Followers: 1.3 million]


Ever heard someone say "I can’t wait for exams!"? Nope. This account is filled with things that no one ever says, such as… [Followers: 746k]


Gotham’s saviour also has a parody Twitter account. Read this in Batman’s coarse and angry voice to get with the program. [Followers: 462k]


The women who follow this account would agree to almost everything tweeted, while men who follow could learn a few things. Either way, it’s funny and refreshing, and worth following if you want to survive the female species. [Followers: 1.2 million]


Ben here announces what time it is by the number of bongs. So deep. [Followers: 423k]

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