Pull Twitter Analytics From Any Account with Burrrd

There’s so much you can learn by studying someone’s Twitter account. Who they follow, who follows them, how often they tweet, plus lots of data on the type of content they share.

The free web app, Burrrd pulls all this data for you with neat tables & charts for easy browsing. Just enter the Twitter handle of any account and go to town. You can learn a hefty chunk about any Twitter user and this all comes through the open Twitter API.

To start, just enter a username and click “Analyze”. This connects to Twitter’s API which has all the raw data on likes, tweets, followers, and profile data.

You also get access to tweet data which includes common keywords, hashtags, and the most replied users. Twitter has rate limits on API pulls to a maximum of 600 tweets per user, so this data is definitely a limited sample set.

Still, you can learn a ton about any account you choose—all at the click of a button.

Here’s a list of all the data you get with each analysis:

  • Total counts (tweets, followers, likes)
  • A bar chart of total tweets per month
  • Average tweet stats (likes, retweets, total characters)
  • Most liked tweet & most retweeted tweet
  • Most connected users by @mentions
  • Top 20 hashtags used by the account

If you connect your account via OAuth you can gather even more data on yourself. But this only works with accounts you control, so you can’t do this for anyone else.

Burrrd Twitter graph

For a free web app, Burrrd is really cool and certainly worth saving if you’re a fan of Twitter.