60 Beautiful Websites of Universities and Colleges

Long gone are the days when college recruiters visited high schools to advertise their academic programs to achieve students’ course registration. Now, with the aid of web technology, most famous universities have created their own website as an effective marketing tool to entice students to their institution. With the university’s website, students can easily scope out what the university has to offer and compare it with other universities.

What makes an effective university website, then? It should provide great user experiences such as smooth user interactivity, attractive design, informative content, and ease of use. Among these requirements, the website’s design is what initially captures the user’s attention and attracts them to explore the institution’s offerings.

With attraction as a requirement in mind, we have gone through a serious number of searches and collected 40 beautiful university websites with different kinds of designs for your inspiration. Who knows, they might get you to sign up for a course!

1. University of Miami
University of Miami
2. University of Texas
University of Texas
3. Brock University
Brock University
4. Denver Seminary
Denver Seminary
5. Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising
Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising
6. University of Melbourne
University of Melbourne
7. Moore College of Art & Design
Moore College of Art & Design
8. Michigan State University
Michigan State University
9. University of Connecticut
University of Connecticut
10. University of Michigan
University of Michigan
11. University of Wisconsin
University of Wisconsin
12. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
13. Wheaton College
Wheaton College
14. The College of Wooster
The College of Wooster
15. Alverno College
Alverno College
16. Bates College
Bates College
17. Birmingham City University
Birmingham City University
18. Biola University
Biola University
19. Boston University
Boston University
20. Bucknell University
Bucknell University

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