18 Beautiful Web Designs That Emphasize Green

One of the most interesting things about the design community is, our design is often influenced by the trends and talk about. The best example is perhaps the Web 2.0 look and feel that stormed the Internet about a year ago.

Over the past few years, the awareness of global warming and the greenhouse effects have gradually increased. This greatly inspired many designers and created some of the most beautiful web design based on the green by mixing up some nature elements (leaves, soil, trees, sky, etc). Here’s a showcase of 18 Great Web Designs That Emphasize Green.


3000k is a company that provides services like web design, consultation, branding, marketing, etc. And we think they’ve certainly shown their passion towards a greener world with some nice green related images every page you clicked.

Borneo Tropical Rainforest Foundation

And as the title speaks, BTRF is an organization that makes sure our tropical rainforest stays green.


Bram Nicholson commenced in the turf industry in 1996 and specializes in providing independent advice and a laying service for all your turfing requirements.

Go Glamping

World’s first website dedicated to promoting luxury camping holidays.

Green Ideas

With the tagline "Help save planet earth", Green Idea is a multiuser blog that pushes the realization of green among its community.

Organic Food Ireland

Irish owned Independent purveyor of more than 1,700 fine organic food and wine; all certified organic and handpicked to the highest standard.

Outdoor Italia

Corporate site for Outdoor, a brand that provides tracking equipment like clothing, accessories for outdoor than for hiking, camping, guidance and much more.

RedBrick Health

New kind of health company that provides unique, smart and fair solution to the challenge of rising health care costs.

Slim Kiwi

Creative and design company.

The Really Wild Travel Company

Deliver tailor made adventure travel services for charities, companies, teams and clubs from around the world.

Mac Subversion Client

Nothing to with with promoting global green, but definitely a great app no developer should live without.


Web design company.


WWF Brazil


A website that provide design to HTML service.


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