Beautiful & Creative Single-Page Portfolio Websites

Portfolios is a way of life in web business and we all know it is prominent. Prominent how? Known by designers, first impression better be a charm because it gives the best outcome. Another reason why portfolio is ideal is because it keeps an archive of designer’s great work. That comes handy when designers desire to pitch project, impress and attracts potential client or even just for the sake of bragging.

Traditionally most portfolios are prepared in conventional way such as, gallery style in sequential pages; one contact us page; one about us page etc. Designers then draw the distinction between each other by pumping in creativity and this enables them to display their skill sets.

Here, single page portfolio is one of the effective way that projects a designer’s creativity and their skills to deliver a wow-factor portfolio.

Single page portfolio is certainly unconventional because all or most of its content are compress and organized into one single page. Visitors just need to navigate within the single page without the need to load another second page and this is awesome because we all know it well, we are so lazy that even just another click from our mouse feels heavy. It does not end here, what makes single page portfolios thick is that we as visitors gets to witness a designer’s unique way of handling navigation. Finally, here is the showcase of single page portfolio that we are featuring, keep scrolling now!

Adam Woodhouse


Arbel Design

Bailey Art Studio

Bowtie Interactive Studio

Carl Rosekilly

Santa Clarita Web Design

Curio Production

Enliven Labs

Fajne Chlopaki

Alexey Chenishov Personal Portfolio

Giant Media

Grzegorz Kozak

James Wright

jakub Szymanski

Jeroen Homan

Jon Brousseau

Sebastian Witman

Duncan J Riley


Matt Regan

Morphix Design Studio

Mutant Labs

Orman Clark

Andreas Ovefelt

Tomas Pojeta

Michal ptaszynski

Roger Burkhard


Social Snack

The Visual Click

Jiri Tvrdek

Vivoo Creative



Editor’s note: This post is written by Prakash Ghodke for Prakash is a freelance web/graphics designer from India. He also blogs at where he shares tutorials and resources related to web design and web development.