30+ Captivating Fire Dancing Photos

Fire is a very powerful element. Fire in its physical form can do for you what the sun itself does for our planet. The time fire was discovered, it changed human life forever. Just think about the times you sat facing a bonfire or fireplace. There’s something enchanting about the way the blaze sizzle and pop. Then suddenly, you started staring. That’s how hypnotic it is.

Below are some cool or should we say hot collection of captivating fire photography shots. Fire dancing is a performance art form which combines equipment on fire into a spectacular dance. Many ethnicities have practiced fire dancing in a variety of forms, and fire dancing performance are growing very popular in the West, where many people are fascinated to the mixture of beauty and danger. When done properly, fire dancing is an impressive thing to gaze at, and is usually performed at night so that spectators can see fine distinctions of the presentation. Let’s view now some of this stunning photography shots of skillful fire dance performers.

#1 @Fahsi
Playing with Fire
#2 @Danormansin Korea

This authentic ritual dance is performed with the pulsing rhythm of congo drums by artists weaving their baton-like fire knives around their entire body, from the feet to the palms to the mouth, in a seductively dangerous dance.

Pop Fire Knife
#3 @MattTheSamurai

Nickname MattTheSamurai, Mathieu shared some of the most stunning fire dancing photography we’ve ever seen in deviantart.

Fire Masamune
Fire Swirl
Fire Petals
Fire Spiral
The Fire Hole
Sparkling Angel
Fire Wings
Summoning the Sun
Fire Slices

Fire Alphabet

Trapped in the Fire Mouth
#14 @Playpoi
Fire Genie
#15 @Mike ICoN

For the past 5 years Mike has traveled the country as both a performer and a teacher, sharing his passion and love for this fiery artform.

Burning Flower
#16 @larslarsen77
fire wings
warehouse 2
#17 @Aadezyn
Burning Rings
#18 @Sam Bassett
Grandma tries it

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