100 Captivating Examples of Urban Decay Photography

One of the things that makes a great designer is the ability to see beauty in unlikely places. And images of urban decay can really put that ability to the test.

Whether it’s images of abandoned buildings or simply a disregarded alley or nook, there is beauty to be found in the derelict and forgotten areas of the world’s cities. The images below give only a small taste of what’s out there, ready to inspire your next design project.

Urban Decay in Tacoma

Photo by: anthonyh2006

Urban Decay at a Marin School

Photo by: CourtneyAllison

Urban Decay: Nature Juxtaposed with Industry

Photo by: Irit

Day 10 — Urban Decay (or Regrowth?)

Photo by: brianjmatis

Urban Decay2

Photo by: grigjr

Urban Decay — Sofas and Chairs

Photo by: byonder

Urban Decay 11 — Courtyard

Photo by: grigjr

Urban Decay – 01 — Graffiti

Photo by: scotto

Urban Decay — Aerosol Cans

Photo by: ridethespiral1

Urban Decay — Red Chair

Photo by: secdoover


Photo by: entengruetze

Urban Decay — English Academy

Photo by: ghostrider-in-ze-sky

Urban Decay: American Auto

Photo by: paperdolldreams

Urban Decay: Rusted Factory

Photo by: JoeCollver

Urban Decay – 14: Warehouse

Photo by: scotto

Urban Decay: Arches

Photo by: VSprink

Urban Decay: Black and White Doorway

Photo by: downhill

Urban Decay: Smoke Stacks

Photo by: snake.eyes

Urban Decay 5: Sunlight Effects

Photo by: ghostrider-in-ze-sky

Urban Decay Boston

Photo by: tarotist

Urban Decay: Three Towers

Photo by: bloodfilledlungs

Urban Decay: Water Fountain

Photo by: Enzo D.

Urban Decay New Set – 1

Photo by: ro-stock

Rust in Peace

Photo by: thespook

Decay VIII

Photo by: Benjinoman

Queens Urban Decay 207a

Photo by: chaserpaul

Urban Decay 3: Stroke-on-Trent

Photo by: CarolAnneS

Urban Decay 2: Peeling Plaster and Brick

Photo by: rosetigerdragon

Decay from the "Urban Exploration" Project

Photo by: MuffYz

Urban Decay, Velluters

Photo by: Xavi Calvo

Urban Decay (Moscow)

Photo by: happy-dee-dooo

Urban Decay: Broken Window

Photo by: B Rosen

Urban Decay 008: Peeling Paint

Photo by: MarcoFiorentini

Old Colonial Mansion Opposite the National Museum

Photo by: remittance_girl

Stuffed If I Know

Photo by: MIAD

Dodgey Ladder

Photo by: MIAD

Urbex Self Portrait

Photo by: James Loesch

Blue Door, Yellow Wall

Photo by: Stoxasths

Setting Up the Fair

Photo by: Stoxasths


Photo by: James C Farmer

The Old Soccer Stadion

Photo by: Static_P

In the Heart of the Plant

Photo by: NARIBIS


Photo by: Static_P

West Park – Still Life 2

Photo by: Romanywg

Abandoned Asylum

Photo by: andre.govia

Lier Mental Hospital – Old Wheel Chair

Photo by: Anders V. Tøftemo

The Next Mission

Photo by: Romanywg

West Park Reflections too

Photo by: Romanywg

Green: Peeling Pain

Photo by: James C Farmer

Please Close the Doors After Leaving

Photo by: James C Farmer

Beelitz: #1

Photo by: James C Farmer

Way Out

Photo by: James C Farmer

Beelitz: #2

Photo by: James C Farmer

Concrete Stairwell

Photo by: Chris Leithead

Rust Macro at Filey

Photo by: tina_manthorpe

Brooklyn Rust: The Brooklyn Bridge

Photo by: Digital Agent

Locked Rust Blue

Photo by: tina_manthorpe

Cracked Sidewalk in Front of Charlotte Street Arts Centre in Fredericton

Photo by: Chris Campbell

Bowling Alley

Photo by: keiththrn

Abandoned in Cork

Photo by: slinky2000

Abandoned Building

Photo by: Isaac E

Denbigh Abandoned Asylum

Photo by: andre.goby

Pripyat, Ukraine Chernobyl

Photo by: robot fotomat

Nuclear Winter in Chernobyl

Photo by: Stuck in Customs

Pripyat Amusement Park, Ukraine Chernobyl

Photo by: robot fotomat

Swimming Pool in the Abandoned School in Pripyat’ / Chernobyl

Photo by: Danny–Boy

Urban Decay 8

Photo by: ghostrider-in-ze-sky

Abandoned Building in Pripyat’ / Chernobyl

Photo by: Danny–Boy

Chernobyl/Pripyat, Ukraine: Ferris Wheel

Photo by: 8333696

Abandoned Building in Pripyat’ / Chernobyl

Photo by: DannyBoy


Photo by: borderfilms (Doug)

OH Dexter City – Abandoned School

Photo by: scottamus

Abandoned City Methodist Church, Gary, Indiana

Photo by: Timothy Neesam

Pripyat – Abandoned City

Photo by: Dazzababes

Abandoned City: Paper Circles

Photo by: eruthnum

Abandoned City: Kitchen Stove

Photo by: eruthnum

City Meth: Gary, Indiana

Photo by: Noel Kerns

Abandoned Building in La Habana, Cuba

Photo by: vormplus

Hospental, Abandoned Building: Switzerland

Photo by: Tuuur

Abandoned Row Houses – Perlman Place (Baltimore)

Photo by: sann235

NYC Ghetto: Bushwick Brooklyn

Photo by: izakokomari890

Flats to Let 1987: South Bronx

Photo by: Urban Photos

Grungy Wall Texture

Photo by: iammi-z

Rust Texture

Photo by: code1name

Grunge: Wooden Door

Photo by: jazza

Lisbon Balconies

Photo by: hbrinkman

Old Wood: Grungy Wooden Structure

Photo by: jazza

Deserted Houses

Photo by: barunpatro

Old Tower

Photo by: cyborg1us

Old Stavelot: Ardennes, Belgium

Photo by: hbrinkman

Museum? A Rundown Shack in Sofala, NSW, Australia

Photo by: drakemata

Street Urban Decay: Porto City, Portugal

Photo by: saavem

Tangled Wires

Photo by: drog1998

Abandoned Warehouse 5: Gatke Building, Warsaw, IN

Photo by: freschje

Miami, Arizona

Photo by: kevinzim

New Orleans Alley post-Katrina

Photo by: bonesdog


Photo by: Marinela

Utrect: Canal in Holland

Photo by: martwork

Old Door in a House in Limache, Chile

Photo by: philhxc

Urban Winter: Saarbrücken, Bürgerpark

Photo by: Author