20 Imaginative “Big Head” Photo Creations

It all began with Christopher Huet, a skilled photo manipulator who embarked on a playful journey with human heads. He discovered that simply enlarging a head could spark laughter. And it’s not just him; this fun idea quickly caught on.

The online community of Photoshop enthusiasts, amused by Huet’s work, embarked on their own adventures in big head manipulation. Prepare for laughter and awe at their skills in this showcase of creativity and humor.

Another Large Head Predicament

Is it the fork’s fault? Why is my head so large? Let’s ponder.

Comically enlarged head due to a fork
Patrick Hoff
Thoughts Overflowing

“My head’s brimming with thoughts. There’s too much to do and yet, I accomplish little. It’s overwhelming.”

A head filled with overwhelming thoughts
Strain of Thoughts

What’s with the back pain? Could it be the weight of his thoughts? His expression tells it all.

A man struggling with back pain due to a large head
Head Overload

Turning could be risky! The neck might not support the head’s size.

Enormous head posing a risk to the neck
Playpen Relaxation

“Here’s my brother, taking a break with his head in the kid’s playpen. Everyone needs a little rest.”

A man relaxing with his oversized head in a playpen
Girl with a Giant Head

It turns out, this humorous head-enlarging trend isn’t just for boys!

A girl with an amusingly large head
Hospital Visit with a Big Head

Imagine the reaction in the hospital when they see this huge head! Surely, the doctors will rush over.

A man with an oversized head in a hospital setting
Seeking Medical Attention

“No one’s coming to help? Looks like I’ll have to find a doctor myself.”

A man with a large head looking for medical help
The Heavy Headed

You don’t know what a real burden is until you’ve got a comically oversized head!

A person with an exceptionally large head symbolizing a heavy burden
Big Head in the Living Room

A special chair might be necessary for comfort with a head this size. Notice the amusing facial expression!

A person with a large head sitting comfortably in a living room
Big Head on a Call

One benefit of phone conversations is that clients can’t see your oversized head during the call.

A person with a big head making a phone call
Lunchtime Mishap

Oops! Accidentally dunking our oversized head into the lunch.

A humorous lunch incident involving a large head
Expressive Glance

The emotion captured in this image is striking. It seems like he’s about to say something. What are your thoughts?

A person with an expressive, oversized head
Patrick Hoff
Dog Walking Challenge

Walking the dog is no easy feat when your head is four times the size of your pet!

Walking a dog with an extremely large head

Final Thoughts

This concept is both amazing and humorous! It has the potential to be as popular as internet memes like planking. The true challenge lies in skillfully using Photoshop to make the manipulations look real. It’s a great way to inspire and amuse your audience.

Which do you find more entertaining: big heads or planking? And while we’ve found some hilariously large heads, we might have missed some. If you come across any, feel free to share the fun with us!