60 Examples of Beautiful Night Shots

When the sun goes down and sky gradually turns dark doesn’t mean you’ll have to keep your camera in the bag. In fact, it is during the night where some of the most beautiful photos are snapped. No doubt shooting under low light is challenging, but by getting familiar with the shutter speed, exposures, lightning and taking advantages of surrounding objects often help compensate the light and create amazing output.

Here’s a collection of 60 Examples of Beautiful Night Shots, taken by avid and professional photographers who jumped into action when the sun sets.

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Poisonous Darts by 13thWitness

94th Floor, Chicago, IL by shutterBRI

Kuala Lumpur City Centre by Christopher Chan

Hong-Kong night citiscape lights from Victoria Peak by QT Luong

New York City, USA by QT Luong

Toronto Skyline by CarbonSilver

Eiffel Tower by kayess2008

City of Lights by paul (dex)

City Night View by inoc

Metropolis by VJ Spectra

Rush Hour by Stuck in Customs

Escarpment by VJ Spectra

Kowloon by VJ Spectra

Merlion Night Scene by fravenang

Rays From Above by VJ Spectra

Wow Macau by VJ Spectra


A Night at The Bay Bridge by MattGranz

Red Bull Illume by CarbonSilver (gbenz)

Night Photography by bob west

Night Waterfront Cityscape by 32tsunami

Westmister Palace, London at night by QT Luong

Sea Of Tranquility by VJ Spectra

Night Sky by VJ Spectra

City of Niagara Falls by Jon Ramsey

Positron by Kamuro

Night Life by marcelgermain

Singapore by Christopher Chan

Sydney Opera House by shrillian

The Louvre at Night by dealived

OAKA Main Entrance View by NikGr

Ghent by night by nonkelduvel

Florence Night scene by choongcheehuei

Manarola by VJ Spectra

Blue Hour

Symphony by VJ Spectra

Shoot that Bridge by tomalu


Another late night Drive by John A Ryan

The Glass House by darklogan1

Candelária Nights by Leonardo Paris

Pigeon Point Lighthouse by Susanne Friedrich

Aurorus Reflectus Colosseo by Stuck in Customs

Railway by mara-mara

Night Walk by Gerrit Wenz

Milan Train Station at Midnight by Stuck in Customs

Capitol View by Todd Klassy

Invisible Sun by jrtce1

ExPort by VJ Spectra

Night at Loch Lomond by guillaume-dauphin


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Liftoff by VJ Spectra

Engage by VJ Spectra

Australia Day by VJ Spectra

Light Trails and Star Trails

Berlin at Night by d5e

Quantum Photonic by VJ Spectra

Poteet Strawberry Festival 2007 by bceichman02

Interstellar Overdrive by VJ Spectra

Intersection by VJ Spectra

Curves by VJ Spectra

Human Pendulum by Kirpernicus

Star Trails by bob west

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