15 iPhone/iPad Accessories For Savvy Musicians

Many smartphone gadgets in the market today take full advantage of all the mobile devices we carry. There are high tech gadgets for health junkies, hikers, pet lovers, or the kitchen and even wearable gadgets. And now we have a list of iOS-enabled gadgets for musicians.

With these portable music gadgets, you’ll be able to reduce the load of all your music gear, record music on the go, give an edge to your compositions and write full-fledge songs without a studio. Here, you will find gadgets for pianists, guitarists, drummers, singers, and electronic music composers that are ideal for the iPad or iPhone.


The SynthStation 49 works with your iPad to allow you to control and create music with its SynthStation App. The app allows you to change the sound effects of each key and drum pad on the SynthStation. Additionally, it also works as a MIDI controller for your computer. [$199]

iDJ Pro

Store all your loops and tracks onto your iPad and just dock it into the iDJ Pro and you’re ready to DJ at your next gig. The iDJ Pro utilizes the large iPad display so you can easily and quickly navigate through the on screen buttons of the djay app it supports. [$299]

iPB-10 Programmable Pedalboard

The iPad docked into this Pedalboard allows guitarists to use the sound effects of 87 different pedals, 54 amps and 26 cabinets available through the app. All you have to do is save a combination of effects and load it up during a gig or particular song. [$499]

Piano Apprentice

Here’s a gadget for people who want to learn how to play the piano. Piano Apprentice has 25 keys that can light up to teach you where to place your fingers. The video tutorials on the iPad (or iPhone) app will take you through each step of the learning process. [$59.99]

Alesis iO Dock

This device works with most audio and MIDI iPad apps on the AppStore where you can then connect microphones, guitars, studio monitors, PA systems, headphones and MIDI controllers to make it all work together to perform or produce music. [$169.99]

MPC Fly 30

Instead of tapping your fingers to create a beat, you can now produce head banging beats wherever you go. Just start a supported MIDI app and you’ll have all the sound effects you need to create a unique beat. The MPC Fly 30 also acts as a protective cover for your iPad. [$199]


If you don’t have an iPad or just think it’s still too bulky, PocketLoops is a MIDI controller that lets you record loops, create beats or play piano keys. The iPhone controls what sound effects each key plays while you listen to your creation through the built-in speakers. [£49.99]

MIDI Mobilizer 2

The MIDI Mobilizer 2 is great for artists on the go who just need to get their burst of inspiration down on recording. The device is a connection between a MIDI gear with an iOS device that allows you to quickly record, save and send a MIDI file via email for editing on a computer later. [$69.95]

Griffin GuitarConnect Pro

Plug in your guitar to the iPad for some sweet tunes. Apart from lending your iPad’s speakers to the guitar, the app also gives you different sound effects and lets you to record your jams. You can also multi-track to create a full-fledge song. [$49.99]

iRig Pro

The iRig Pro lets you connect your guitar, bass, keyboard, MIDI controller and even microphone to your iPhone. This allows you to record all those instruments one at a time to produce an entire song without a studio. The device also works on your computer, connected via USB. [€199]

AmpKit LiNK HD

If you need guitar effects on the go but have no room for all your pedals, then the AmpKit LiNK HD will give you a ton of effects provided by an iPhone app. It also features a headphone jack so you can practice without disturbing people around you. [$99.99]

Sonoma GuitarJack

Here’s another device that lets you record on the go. You can connect a guitar, bass, keyboard, microphone or other musical instruments and record them with apps like Fourtrack and StudioTrack. The secondary line-in allows simultaneous recording of an instrument and singing. [$129]


The iStomp is a programmable guitar pedal that supports 47+ e-pedals available on the Stomp Shop app. iStomp doesn’t require the iOS device to be plugged in all the time. It will store an effect once you’ve set it up and then work like any regular guitar pedal. [$149.95]


This simple device turns your iPhone into a portable amp for your musical instruments for practicing on the go. It also features a headphone-in for even more discreet practices and a line-out to make it work like a standard music cable. [£69]

Mikey Digital

This tiny device allows for studio quality sound recording on the go. It’ll work in the loudest concerts or the softest interview sessions, giving you clear and crisp results. The device can also rotate 230-degrees allowing you to capture video at the same time. [$89.95]

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