10 Gadgets For The Loving Pet Owner

Here’s a very special post to the animal lovers out there who are caring for a feline friend or canine chum. For them, their beloved pets are part of the family, bringing smiles and laughter into the home, keeping their owners safe and always reminding them that no matter how bad the world treats them, they will always be loved by their furkids at home.

Whether you treat your doggies and kitties like royalty, like part of the family or need them to help keep you alive, you know for certain that they deserve your love and protection, and maybe some of these gadgets picked out especially for them.

We have a list of fun gadgets and toys that will keep your pets safe, happy and well taken care of. You can track your pet’s health, their whereabouts, ensure that they’re well fed and having fun, even when you don’t have the time to play fetch with them. Know of more gadgets? Share them in the comments section.

FitBark ($99)

There are health trackers for humans in forms of wristbands, and then there’s FitBark: an activity tracker for your dog to wear around its collar. Whenever it’s near an authorized smartphone or a FitBark base station, it’ll send the dog’s vital information to their servers so you can view it on your smartphone in real time.

Your dogs will have daily health goals to achieve by being active and eating at correct times. FitBark will chart your dog’s progress and may even inform you when your dog is feeling sick due to lack of activity.

Halo Mini ($45)

The Halo Mini is an illuminated pet collar for pets of all sizes. Having it for night walks is great so motorists can see you and your pet under low-light conditions. Its rechargeable batteries can run its LEDs for up to 75 hours on flash mode on a single 2-hour charge.

It is USB rechargable, weather-resistant and is available in Red, Green and Blue color options but it’s not meant to be worn while swimming.

Halo Mini
Dart Automatic Pet Laser Toy ($29.99)

Cat owners will know of the cat’s natural nemesis, the laser dot. The Dart is a fun way to give your furry little kittens a reason to catch some exercise. It comes with a 360-degree rotating and pivoting laser head. All you have to do is place it on a high surface with plenty of room to aim the dot at, and let it rip.

There are 16 speed settings and combinations and it can be automatically turned off after 10, 15 or 20 minutes of runtime. The auto-off function is great for when you need to keep your overly attached pet from letting you leave home.

Dart Laser
Petcube ($199)

Travel a lot? Then, the Petcube is a great companion for your pet. It’s a cube that sits on top of a table or shelf and has a camera so you can see your pets through the app on your smartphone or tablet. You can also speak to your pets and hear it through the app as the Petcube has built-in microphone and speakers.

If that’s not enough, there’s a laser pointer that allows you to play with your pet while watching them through the camera. Petcube aims to be social as you can allow your family or friends to use your Petcube. If you have the time, you can even search to access and play with other Petcubes.

Power Pet Automatic Pet Door ($222.54)

Have a cat/dog which can’t be tied down and goes about like it owns the place? This automatic pet door would really come in handy. Unlike the traditional type of pet doors, this one reacts to the sensor attached to your pet’s collar to trigger the door to open. This way you can prevent other wildlife or strays from entering your home.

The Power Pet door also can detect when your pet wants to enter (with its directional sensing system) and when it is just idly passing by. When your pet is back into the home, the pet door is securely locked to prevent any forms of home intrusion.

It has 3 distance settings and 2 different interval settings, suitable for dogs of any size. You can also use the remote control so your dog can do all the fetching without having to return the ball. Overall, a very fun-filled device for when you just can’t keep up with your ‘best friend’.

Automatic Pet Door
Pintofeed ($149)

Pintofeed is an automatic food dispenser for your pet which is controlled by its app on your iOS, Android or Windows 8 smartphone. The device connects to your home Wi-Fi so you can wirelessly dispense food for your pet whenever you can’t be home to do so. The app is feature-filled and you can even create feeding schedules based on your typical feeding times.

It can also send you notifications about when your pet is fed, as well as monitor your pet’s food intake. It also allows more than one family member to control it, and a dispensing mechanism that allows different food sizes, a good feature for owners with a few different pets at home.

Whistle ($229.99)

Whistle is an activity monitor collar for your dog that helps you track its walks, play and rest. Using it over a period of time will give you analytics on trends, and you can even get alerts if there is any change in behaviour, which may indicate that your pet is sick. It is Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi-enabled to sync data to your smartphone (currently on iOS 6 or newer, and with Android on the way).

The data collected can also be sent to your vet to keep the vet abreast with your dog’s state of health. It’s fully shockproof and waterproof so if your dog is a swimmer, it doesn’t even have to take it off.

It has a top speed of 22 mph, can move short grass or turfs, but has a less-than-desirable battery life. Batteries will only run for 15 minutes, although for some pets, that is more than enough for a full cardio session.

Automatic Pet Water Fountain ($24.13)

Now you don’t need to fret about your pet’s thirst even when you’re not home because this automatic pet water fountain allows them to drink water any way they like. The water fountain has 2-liter water capacity and 3 different flow settings that you can adjust according to your pet’s liking.

The water fountain is made with antibacterial and environment-friendly material and has a low energy consumption.

pet fountain
Pet Grooming Brush ($24.13)

Grooming your pet will not be a headache anymore with this cute little pet grooming brush. It helps you remove 95% tangles and dead hair from your pet dog or cat’s body in just a few minutes.

The most interesting part of this grooming tool is the ease of use i.e. the handle is ergonomic and non-slip and the stainless steel comb can be detached so you can clean it after the grooming session.

get grooming brush
Hyperfetch Ultimate Throwing Toy ($119.98)

Tired of throwing ball for your dog to fetch again and again? Why don’t you automate it through this innovative throwing toy. The toy allows you to train your entertain your dog along with providing great exercising opportunity.

The best part is that you can adjust the distance settings from 10ft up to 30 ft that works for both older dogs and energetic puppies.

pet throwing toy