Giveaway: WPWebHost Free Hosting Plans – 6 Winners (Closed)

If you are looking to buy a web hosting account to host your WordPress blog, you might wanna hold that thought first; Also if you are hosting your blog on a free Blogger, or, here’s an excuse to get yourself a self-host WordPress blogging platform. This week in our giveaway contest, we are giving out 5+1 hosting accounts (1 year) for free and you don’t have to pay a single cent for it.


This giveaway is a courtesy of WPWebHost, only for readers. And if you’ve observed closed enough, we are too hosted with WPWebHost. Details on winning the WordPress hosting account are as follows.

In short, here’s what on the table to be won:

  • 5 WP Freedom Plan (50Gb/500Gb Bw/50 domains). More info.
  • 1 WP Buddy Plan (100Gb/1TB Bw/100 domains). More info.

WPWebhost has WordPress-savvy supports working behind both these plans, so if you come across any WordPress technical problem, chances are, they already have a solution for you. WP Buddy Plan is specialized for WordPress Multiuser (MU) hosting. If you are thinking of running a multi-user blog, you don’t want to miss this.

How to Win

Just comment in! If you are looking forward to win the WP Buddy Plan (for WordPress MU) please specify in your comment.

Contest starts today, closes 24th Wednesday June. Exactly one week from now. Good luck guys :-)

Update: Thank you for all your participation. The contest will now close and we’ll announce the winners soon!

Update (30th June 2009): We have winners, and here they are:

  • Prasanth Chandra (awaiting response)dlv
  • Steven
  • Thefinalhome
  • Chardy
  • Jonathan Farley
  • Boris Rorsvort (Buddy Plan)

Once again, congratulations and thanks for participating guys! More contest coming up soon.