30 Truly Creative Ways To Light Up Your Home

Looking for a way to boost your creativity? Why not decorate your house with some unique lights for a start. Lighting fixtures almost never take center stage in home decor because we have so many other things to be obsessed with like furniture, carpet, floor panels, mosaic, wall color, smart gadgets, wall decors etc. But as the following examples will show you, a little creativity goes a long way.

Here is a compilation of 30 unique and creative lamps and light fixtures perfect for the living room, bedroom and even your garden. You might even be able to find a new way to DIY your own home lighting. Which one did you particularly like? Share your favorites with us at the comments section.

ColoredSHAPE Black. We’re seeing flat design everywhere, even in bed light designs. (Image Source: Sabrina Fossi)

Solar Mushroom Lamp – Avatar Plant Flowers Night Light. Colorful shrooms! (Image Source: CSL)

Boon Glo Nightlight. This is a great idea for those who need a light for middle-of-the-night bathroom trips. (Image Source: The Glow Company)

EGGLIGHT. There’s a egg-citing concept you don’t see every day. (Image Source: Igor Pinigin)

Portable Pocket LED Card Light Lamp. Here’s one portable lighting source that you can store in your wallet. (Image Source: Sinedya)

Martyr. That lightbulb is out of its mind. Someone stop him. (Image Source: The Play Coalition)

Light Blubs. Dude, I think your lightbulb is sick. (Image Source: Pieke Bergmans)

Pear Light. Someone finally made the link between pear shapes and lightbulb shapes; they are one of the same! (Image Source: Nick Foley)

Liquid Light. Dripping lights to the rescue. (Image Source: Liquid Light)

Ring Lamp. TRON-inspired concept for a ring lamp. (Image Source: Loris Bottello)

Hat Table Lamp. Bowler hats as table lamps, what will they think of next? (Image Source: Jake Phipps)

At Your Command. Position the mannequins any way you want to get the right amount of light where you want it. (Image Source: Daniel Loves Object)

Nixie Tube Thermometer. This is a DIY light slash thermometer that displays Fahrenheit, Celsius, Kelvin (heaven knows why), and humidity. (Image Source: Think Geek)

DIY Clouds Night Light. The House of the Rising Sun, literally. (Image Source: Design Rulz)

Captain America. The cracked wall sticker really adds to the effect, doesn’t it? (Image Source: Target)

Spiderman Face. Here’s Spiderman trying to get a piece of the action. Still not an Avenger, my friend. (Image Source: Target)

Hulk Hand. Hulk Smash… and light up your room! (Image Source: Target)

Thor Hammer. Try pulling that one out of the wall. (Image Source: Target)

Thor Lightning Energy Hammer. Let Mjolnir light up your room. (Image Source: Think Geek)

Shark Tale. Honey! Who let the shark in the house this time? (Image Source: Mukomelov Studio)

Computer Key Desk Lamps. Also available: Esc, Del and Ctrl buttons. (Image Source: Ali Express)

BANG! Shoot ’em up carries a different meaning here. The gun turns the lights on and off. Just aim and pull the remote-control trigger. (Image Source: BitPlayInc)

The Question Block Lamp. Are you tempted to knock the bottom of that question box to see what jumps out of it? (Image Source: 8 Bit Lit)

Tetris Constructible Desk Lamp Light. The classic game is reborn, as desk lamp lights. (Image Source: Paladone Products)

Uncle Milton Moon In My Room. Fancy having the moon in your room? (Image Source: Uncle Milton)

The Lightsaber Wall Sconce. Lukes lightsaber in your room, complete with the iconic humming sound. (Image Source: Hammacher Schlemmer)

Ghostbusters 12″ Neon Sign. Well, this is ironic. (Image Source: Think Geek)

Mini Batman Bat-Signal. For fans of the Dark Knight. (Image Source: Think Geek)

Weekend LEDIY Project: LED Cloud Lanterns. Not loving the others? Make your own. (Image Source: Elemental LED)

Atomium Floor. Alright, who left their asterisks lying out in the garden? (Image Source: Kundalini)