55 Amazing MOBA Character Fan Art [Showcase]

Ever heard of the term Multiple Online Battle Arena a.k.a MOBA? It’s the game genre you are playing in League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth, Dota 2 and the likes. These games are similar to one another — gameplay is based on a team of 5 against a rival team of 5 and destroying the enemy’s base is the highlight of the game.

More importantly, the graphics and visuals players experience in these games are quite amazing, prompting the rise of fan art that could even rival the originals. All we can say is that these 55 epic re-creations are proof that there is a whole lot of talent brewing in MOBA players.

Know of more fan art that you want to share with us? Comment below.

League Of Legends (LoL)

Support Lulu? No! I’m Warlord Lulu!. (Image Source: Patibut Preeyawongsakul)

Support Lulu? No! I'm Warlord Lulu!

Riven In Noxus. (Image Source: BeanBean1988)

Riven In Noxus

Sion. (Image Source: Antonio De Luca)


Teemoo. (Image Source: Charles)


Zap Zap Volibear. (Image Source: Kelly Fong)

Zap Zap Volibear

Candy Burglar Ziggs. (Image Source: Sebastian Rodriguez)

Candy Burglar Ziggs

Runic Bulwark OP. (Image Source: Skrubhjert)

Runic Bulwark OP

Caitlyn. (Image Source: Astrid Mähner & Timo Böhmler)


Elise Vs Vladimir. (Image Source: Anna Verhoog)

Elise Vs Vladimir

Demacian Justice Garen. (Image Source: Billy Christian)

Demacian Justice Garen

Demonblade Tryndamere. (Image Source: Shreya)

Demonblade Tryndamere

Serious Shaco. (Image Source: Patibut Preeyawongsakul)

Serious Shaco

Sion Splash. (Image Source: Patibut Preeyawongsakul)

Sion Splash

Wukong Vs Amumu. (Image Source: Jason)

Wukong Vs Amumu

Annie and Tibbers. (Image Source: Yum)

Annie and Tibbers

Defense of The Ancients 2 (DotA 2)

Tiny. (Image Source: Trung)


Leviathan The Tidehunter. (Image Source: Yap Wee Lim)

Leviathan The Tidehunter

Mask Off. (Image Source: Trung)

Mask Off

Dragon Knight Vs Jakiro. (Image Source: Trung)

Dragon Knight Vs Jakiro

Lion’s Prey. (Image Source: Kael Ngu)

Lion's Prey

The Warlock. (Image Source: biggreenpepper)

The Warlock

Pudge Vs Meepo. (Image Source: Matt Lau)

Pudge Vs Meepo

Sentinel. (Image Source: Ken Wong)


Gyrocopter. (Image Source: Ayan Nag)


Phantom Assasin The Mortred. (Image Source: Ayan Nag)

Phantom Assasin The Mortred

Phantom Assasin. (Image Source: Lee)

Phantom Assasin

Feed The Swarm. (Image Source: Digl Dixon)

Feed The Swarm

Heroes of DotA 2. (Image Source: MT·orange)

Heroes of DotA 2

Clinkz Bone. (Image Source: biggreenpepper)

Clinkz Bone

Rikimaru SA. (Image Source: biggreenpepper)

Rikimaru SA

Vengeful Spirit. (Image Source: Tia)

Vengeful Spirit

Lich. (Image Source: BigGreenPepper)


Dirge. (Image Source: BigGreenPepper)


Chaos Knight. (Image Source: BigGreenPepper)

Chaos Knight

Axe of Dota. (Image Source: MT·orange)

Axe of Dota

Windrunner. (Image Source: Digl Dixon)


Radian Vs Dire. (Image Source: Nahnahnivek)

Radian Vs Dire

Heroes of Newerth (HoN)

Electrician. (Image Source: Robert)


Gauntlet. (Image Source: Eren Arik)


Magebane Vs Devourer. (Image Source: David De Léon Luis DLL)

Magebane Vs Devourer

Tikbalang. (Image Source: Ilse “Lhune” Gort)


Scout Vs Sandwraith. (Image Source: Joseph Kingaby)

Scout Vs Sandwraith

Heavy Gauntlet. (Image Source: S2Ari)

Heavy Gauntlet

Electrician Shield. (Image Source: Joseph Kingaby)

Electrician Shield

Deadwood. (Image Source: Joseph Kingaby)


Huge Deadwood. (Image Source: Justin Rettberg)

Huge Deadwood