30 Stunning Whiteboard Art That Impress

The thing with talent is, if you have it and you love expressing yourself, you wouldn’t be held back by a change in medium. Whether you sketch on paper, on a screen or on discarded Starbucks cups, people know it when they see talent, even when they find it on a very unlikely canvas: the whiteboard.

We’ve looked and saw some of these artists showcase their amazing skills on the whiteboard, a tool usually reserved for classes and meetings – a temporary canvas at best for artists. But there’s no stopping these guys. With just a few markers of limited colors, they have taken the art of sketching to a whole new level.

These are 30 amazing whiteboard art that were created with whiteboard markers, and a whole lot of imagination.


Even with the limited colors one can work with on whiteboard art, a real artist will find a way to bring out each stroke, shade, depth or illusion just to bring their artwork to life. Bear in mind that unlike a pencil drawing where you can sketch and criss-cross your pencil strokes, on a whiteboard, it’s one stroke at a time or none at all.


Sometimes color get in the way; it distracts and interrupts the flow of marker ink and the artist may decide that the imagery can be brought out better and more beautifully with just the one color. After looking at these examples, you might even agree and prefer the monochrome versions compared to the ones in technicolor.

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