Automatically Lock The PC (When You’re Away) With Dynamic Lock

With Windows 10, your laptop’s built-in camera can be used to unlock the device thanks to Windows Hello. Soon, said camera may also be used to automatically lock up your PC as Windows Insider Build 15002 comes with a feature called Dynamic Lock.

Internally referred to by the Microsoft team as Windows Goodbye, activating the Dynamic Lock feature will cause Windows 10 to automatically lock the device up once it detects that the user is away from the machine.

Judging from the "Windows Goodbye" moniker that was given to this feature, it is probably safe to assume that some part of the Dynamic Lock feature will utilize Windows Hello-compatible equipment. However, whether or not the Dynamic Lock feature will kick in just because the user is no longer staring at their device remains to be seen.

windows 10 dynamic lock

As with all other features that are tested out on the Windows Insider Builds, Dynamic Lock may be subjected to various modifications until the feature goes live. Dynamic Lock is expected to be available to all Windows 10 users as part of the Windows 10 Creators Update that will be available in April.

Source: Windows Central