How to Record Screencast in YouTube

Learn how to record a screencast on YouTube and create high-quality video tutorials for your audience.

Screencast is an effective way to demonstrate and explain something happening on computer screen. Usually, we use specific software to record a screencast, upload it to some video streaming or file hosting service and finally share the link with others But, what if I tell you about an option in YouTube Creator Studio to record a screencast right there in YouTube.

In the following you’ll find a step by step tutorial to record screencast in YouTube.

  1. Sign in to your YouTube account, click on the round icon at top right corner and then click Creator Studio.
  2. Locating Creator Studio
  3. Click Live Streaming > Events > Get Started > Enable live streaming.
  4. Get Started
  5. If you have not verified your YouTube account yet, it will ask you for verification. Select country, choose method to receive verification code and click Submit.
  6. Account Verification Step 1
  7. Enter the 6-digit verification code in textbox and finally click Submit to conclude the verification of account.
  8. Account Verification Step 2
  9. Once your account is verified, click Continue.
  10. Continue Towards Account Live Streaming
  11. Read terms and conditions regarding live streaming and click "I Agree".
  12. Terms & Conditions
  13. Now you’ll see settings and information for live streaming. Choose a title for your screen cast, select Private so only you can see it and finally under the Type, choose Quick for live streaming (it will use Google Hangouts on Air for going live).
  14. After filling up all the required information, click "Go live now". You will be asked to confirm the starting of live streaming so click "OK".
  15. Go Live Now
  16. Click "Allow" to turn on your webcam.
  17. Allow to Turn on Cam
  18. Now, you’ll see Hangouts on Air page with different options. Turn off the camera and turn off/on mic depending whether you want to record voice along with screencast or not.
  19. Hangouts on Air Page
  20. Click on second icon (green rectangle with white arrow) on top left side which is actually Screenshare option.
  21. Screenshare Option
  22. Choose what you want to share from your screen with Google Hangouts and finally click “Share”.
  23. Select What to Share

    I have chosen to share screen only when notepad is active on screen.

    Sharing Hangout on Air Screen
  24. Click “Start” broadcast in the bottom of screen. You will be asked to confirm broadcasting, click "OK". As in an earlier step, we have selected Private as privacy level for live streaming so this broadcast will not be visible to anyone.
  25. Start Broadcasting
  26. You can record a maximum of 8 hours of screencast and once you are done with recording, click "Stop broadcasting".
  27. Stop Broadcasting
  28. To see the recorded screencast, go to your YouTube Dashboard and you will see your screencast video at the top.

You can download it, share the video link with others or you can just change settings of video from private to public and anyone can access it.

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