How to Stream Your Android Screen to Apple TV Using the Mirror App

Update: The Mirror app is no longer functional.

If you own an Apple TV, you’re likely familiar with its AirPlay feature, which lets you stream content from iOS and macOS devices to your TV. This is great for sharing photos, videos, and more on a larger screen.

But what if you use an Android device? Good news: if you’re running Android KitKat 4.4.2, the Mirror app lets you stream your Android screen to Apple TV.

The Mirror app utilizes the Cast Screen API in Android 4.4.2 to enable screen mirroring from your Android device to your Apple TV.

Note: The app is currently in beta and only works on rooted Android devices.

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How to Set Up the Mirror App

First, download the Mirror app. Note that the download link will only work if you’re signed in to your ClockWorkMod community account. Make sure you use the same email for both accounts.

After installing, open the Mirror app and select OK to add it to your Android system.

Installing the Mirror App

Then, grant the Superuser request.

Granting Superuser Request

You’re all set to try it out on your Apple TV.

How to Stream to Apple TV

Ensure that your Apple TV and Android device are connected to the same WiFi network. Once your Apple TV appears in the Mirror app (this might take a moment), you’ll see the “Apple TV” option.

Connecting to Apple TV

Tap on the “Apple TV” option and you’re good to go! Now you can display your Android screen on your Apple TV. For a live demo, check out this video.

Using the Screencast Feature

Besides streaming, the Mirror app also has a “Screencast” feature. Tap on it to start recording your screen. You can stop the recording and toggle touch indicators from the notification bar.

Using the Screencast Feature

Known Limitations

The app is still in beta and has some limitations. For instance, screencasting may not always be reliable. In some tests, the screen appeared blank during the video.

Also, the app doesn’t transmit audio to the Apple TV. You’ll need to rely on your Android device’s speakers or connect an external speaker to enhance the sound.

The developers are working on a version for non-rooted devices and addressing other issues. However, its low latency and being a free app might make it worth trying.