20 Brilliant Examples Of Better Effects Using Textures [Photoshop Tutorials]

Photoshop provides unlimited potential when it comes to posters, backgrounds for websites and other design elements. Textures are often used in backgrounds as an addition to the abstract effect. Texture can be created artificially using Photoshop features and filters; alternatively, with a photograph.

I’m pretty sure you have seen lots of stunning pictures all over the Internet that were created using textures. There are tons of ways to apply a texture to an image, ranging from simple toning to completely changing the photograph’s atmosphere for instance with scratches to mimic an old photo, or browning to show age.

How do the creators achieve such a look? You may find some answers in the 20 tutorials listed in this post today, on how to use textures to add extra effect to stunning images.

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Grungy Metal Texture

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Wave’s Text Effect

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