25 Water Effect Photoshop Tutorials and Brushes

Water is beautiful, but creating its effect digitally from scratch can be dreadful due to the complexity you have to deal with. However, there is always a time when you, as a professional, have to create the water effect, be it for personal use or commercial project.

Well, the good news is that there is always hope for you, and hope always comes from the Internet. Knowing the difficulty of water effect creation, many passionate designers have gone so far as to create tutorials and wonderful resources to aid you in achieving artistic and realistic water effects.

In this post, we have compiled a list of water effect tutorials that show you the brilliant ways to create water effects ranging from droplets to rain to waterfalls. At the end of the tutorial section, we also got Photoshop brushes for you to even speed up your creation process, so take a jump and get them all!


This section features comprehensive tutorials to help you create various water effects such as rain, water splashes, droplets, bubbles, ripples, and even realistic water text effects, get to learn them all!

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Ever seen those comic illustrations with the superhero standing under the rain? Well, if the answer is a yes, then go ahead and read this tutorial, as it shows you how to accomplish the effect.

rain rain go away

Designing A War Movie Poster

Use stock images to create a stunning movie poster with rain inside it. You’ll be astonished by the ending result as it looks as if it was an advertisement for a real movie!

designing a war movie poster

The Rain Tutorial

Creating rain in your photograph is actually easy, but not many people know how to do it, and here is the tutorial that teaches you to create a beautiful rain effect inside your image.

the rain tutorial


A detailed tutorial on creating rain in Photoshop. Nice tutorial for beginners and advanced users alike.


Water Effect Photo Montage

Transfer yourself into moving water, but don’t blame me if someone puts a straw in your head and starts drinking you!

water effect photo montage

Water Effect On Products

Create a stunning ad where your object is being hit with a wave of water splash! Check it out!

water effects on products

Create a Beautiful Under Water Scene

Create a magical underwater scene. Detailed and well-explained.

create beautiful under water scene

Water Ripples

Learn how to create water ripples the easy way, in around 10 steps you’ll be creating ripples in the water!

water ripples

Displacement Water

Create a realistic water surface that reflects the surrounding and gives a liquid-like feel to the surface.

displacement water

Create Silky Smooth Waterfalls

A nice tutorial that teaches you how to turn a common waterfall into a silky smooth waterfall.

create silky smooth waterfalls

Realistic Water Text in Cinema 4D and Photoshop

Love typography? Well, transform your text into a realistic and even artistic water design!

incredibly realistic water text

Water Drops

A detailed tutorial on creating realistic water drops. One of the best tutorials for water drops.

water drop

Leaf Drop

A really simple yet detailed tutorial on how to create water droplets on leafs.

leaf drop

Water Brushes

Water splashes, droplets, rain, waterfalls, you name it, we got the resource! Use these pre-made brushes to boost up your productivity and create your best water artworks.

Anarasha Brush

Photoshop brushes with realistic water effects, worth keeping them as your resource!

anarasha brush

Water Effect Brushes

A set of Photoshop brushes composed of different water effects like splashes, which are ideal for creating backgrounds since they are high-resolution brushes.


Water Splash

“Water brushes to cool you down.”

water splash

Water Splashes

From the pack you can get 10 ‘aqua-ish’ brushes with some splashes, drops, water and other elements.

water splashes

Water – Volume 1

The preview below is actually made with this brush pack and custom colors, so you probably witnessed the possibility of this brush pack!


Water Brushes

A set of Photoshop and GIMP brushes composed of various water shapes for different light setups.

water brushes

Water II Brushes

The second pack of the Obsidian Dawn’s water brushes includes more water shapes with average size of 2000 pixels, talking about high resolution!

water ii brushes

Water Droplets

Random set of brushes with water effects for you to use when possible.

water droplets

Rain Brushes

This brush pack contains 8 brushes of different degrees of rain, which includes drizzle, moderate, pour, moderate+windy, drizzle+windy, and drizzle+misty.

rain brushes

Rain – Tear Drop Brushes

With the set are 280 rain/tear drop brushes, which range from single drops to completely randomized patterns. The detail ranges from cartoon-like droplets to the perfect tear.

rain tear drop brushes


Ever need waterfall brushes? Well, here’s a pack for you.


Water Reflection

The brushes made from a painting of the author, will be a great asset if it’s used correctly, just like the other sets.

water reflections