How to Mine DERO Coin on PC

Dero is the first cryptocurrency to integrate a Proof-of-Work (PoW) blockchain with Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) block structure and completely anonymous transactions. Directed Acyclic graph provides enhanced speed at the expense of security, whereas Proof-of-Work blockchains prioritize security at the expense of speed.

Dero has created something really cool and useful by combining both of these consensus mechanisms. With this unique combination, Dero offers the best of both consensus mechanisms.

So, if you are interested in mining Dero, then this post is for you. In this guide, you will learn how to mine Dero with your own GPU (Linux and Windows only) in a detailed step-by-step process. Let’s get started.

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Creating Dero Wallet

Before you begin mining, you must first obtain a wallet that will let you store your Dero coins. First, go to, click Create New Wallet, and follow the instructions to create your Dero wallet.

Step 1: Download Stargate on your PC

Follow this link to download the archive that is suitable for your operating system, then just extract it to the desired folder.

mine dero coin with gpu
Step 2: Open the derod-OS-GPU file

Double-click the derod-OS-GPU file to open it, this file is required to create a wallet and start the mining process.

mine dero coin with gpu
Step 3: Open the wallet file

Next, open the dero-wallet-cli file to create a new wallet.

mine dero coin with gpu
Step 4: Starting creating the wallet

In the dero-wallet-cli file, simply type 2 to create a new wallet. Then enter the wallet file name (whatever name you want for your wallet). Next, enter the password for your wallet and select the language.

mine dero coin with gpu
Step 5: Write down your seed phrase

You’ll be able to see your Seed Phrase now. Write it down somewhere as you’ll be needing it to restore your wallet in case you lose it.

mine dero coin with gpu
Step 6: Registering a wallet

Once you note the Seed Phrase down, type 4 and press Enter to register the wallet. Registering your wallet can take up to 2 hours. Well, now all that’s left is to wait.

mine dero coin with gpu
Step 7: Copy wallet address

Type 1 and press Enter. Then copy the wallet address that was registered as we’ll be needing it later.

mine dero coin with gpu

How to Mine Dero

Now that you have your Dero wallet address, let’s start mining Dero coins.

Step 1: Create a script file

Open the Stargate folder you extracted from the archive (refer to: Creating Dero wallet – Step 1).

In this folder, you need to create a .cmd file if you are a Windows user; or .sh file file for Linux user. You can give any name to your file.

Once you’ve created it, right-click on that file, then click Edit.

mine dero coin with gpu
Step 2: Paste the command into your file

Copy-paste one of these commands below into your file.

mine dero coin with gpu

Command for Windows:

NAME_OF_MINER --wallet-address=YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS --mining-threads=6

Command for Linux:

./NAME_OF_MINER --wallet-address=YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS --mining-threads=6
Step 3: Paste the name of the miner

In your folder, find the miner you downloaded, then copy the name of this miner. Next, just replace NAME_OF_MINER with the copied name.

mine dero coin with gpu
Step 4: Enter wallet address

Replace YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS with your own wallet address that you registered earlier.

mine dero coin with gpu
Step 5: Start mining

Save changes and run this file. Now, you can start mining Dero!

mine dero coin with gpu

That’s it! You are now a Dero miner and will soon start receiving Dero coins to your wallet.