Apple Car Key Supported Cars

Apple introduced the Car Key feature at the WWDC 2020, which lets users unlock and start their cars using the Wallet app on their iPhone or Apple Watch. Here’s a complete list of cars that are compatible with Apple’s Car Key integration.

But first, let’s take a quick look at what Apple Car Key is, and how to get it added to your iPhone.

Apple Car Key demonstration

What is Apple Car Key?

Apple Car Key is a feature distinct from Apple CarPlay. It is integrated within the Wallet app on your iPhone or Apple Watch, allowing you to add your car keys digitally. Once added, you can lock, unlock, and start your car by simply raising your device near the vehicle’s handle.

You can also share your car keys with friends or family via Messages, Mail, or AirDrop, enhancing convenience. Additionally, Car Key supports Express Mode, which lets you use your car key without needing to unlock your device or authenticate with Face ID, Touch ID, or a passcode.

Sharing Apple Car Key

How to Add Apple Car Key to iPhone

To use your iPhone or Apple Watch as your car key, you need to ensure compatibility with your vehicle. Check with your car manufacturer or dealership to see if your vehicle supports this feature.

You will need an iPhone XS or later, or an iPhone SE (2nd generation), running the latest version of iOS; or an Apple Watch Series 5 or later, or an Apple Watch SE, with the latest version of watchOS. Make sure you are signed into your device with your Apple ID.

Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Ensure that your car is associated with the account provided by the car’s manufacturer.
  2. Set up your key using the car manufacturer’s app or via your car’s display screen. Follow the instructions to set up your key.
  3. When you are sent to the Wallet app, tap ‘Continue’.
  4. Car keys added in Apple Wallet
  5. When prompted with on-screen instructions, place your phone near the key reader while your phone and car pair.

Please note that when you pair your car key with your iPhone, it might also be automatically paired with your Apple Watch.

Car Models Supporting Apple Car Key

Brand Model Years and Types
BMW 2021 – 2023 1 Series
2021 – 2023 2 Series
2021 – 2023 3 Series
2021 – 2023 4 Series
2021 – 2023 5 Series
2021 – 2023 6 Series
2021 – 2023 8 Series
2021 – 2023 X5
2021 – 2023 X6
2021 – 2023 X7
2021 – 2023 X5 M
2021 – 2023 X6 M
2021 – 2023 Z4
2022 – 2023 i4
2022 – 2023 iX
2022 – 2023 iX1
2022 – 2023 iX3
2023 i3
2023 i7
2024 i5
BYD 2022 – 2023 HAN
Genesis 2023 GV60
2023 G90
Hyundai 2023 Palisade
2023 IONIQ 6
2024 Kona EV
Kia 2023 Telluride
2023 Niro
2024 Seltos
2024 EV9
Lotus Emeya EV
Mercedes-Benz 2024 E-Class

Is There an Official List?

There isn’t an official list of car models that support Apple Car Key by Apple yet, but here’s one that’s closest if you want to keep yourself updated. This is a list of cars that support CarPlay by Apple, and alongside each of the models that support Apple Car Key, a key icon is added.

Key icon next to CarPlay models