20 Must-Have Apple Watch Apps

Having an Apple Watch isn't simply for fashion or to be "in" on what's trending. Well, there's that, but for the most part, its utility is proven to make your life easier and better through various available apps.

Many Apple Watch apps can help you check information like the weather, your health, breaking news, and apps that would even allow you to send an instant message to your friends. It’s a really convenient gadget that has a lot of use.

In any case, here are 20 Apple Watch apps that are worth taking a look at to make your life comfortable!

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1. Arm Speed Analyzer

Arm Speed Analyzer

If you are an athlete, Arm Speed Analyzer is a must-have Apple Watch app. It tracks and records the speed of your arms while swinging. It is accurate enough to give you the movement speed of your arms, which is beneficial for people who play sports that require arm swinging. Sports like golf, baseball, or even martial arts.

Aside from tracking your speed, you can even use this to train your arms and track your speed to see your improvement daily. Be fast enough that your opponent will not be able to keep up with your speed.

As an extension, you can also use it creatively to track the movement speed of your feet by strapping it to your ankle.

2. Weathergraph Weather Forecast

Weathergraph Weather Forecast

Scheduling a meeting or a trip with your friends requires looking into several variables before deciding on a final date. One of the main reasons why events get canceled or postponed is because of the unpredictable weather. You would not want to go out to your house when there is heavy rain, right?

In this regard, the Weathergraph Weather Forecast is here to help you accurately forecast the weather at a glance (or at a twist of your wrist).

Weathergraph is the perfect weather app for vision-impaired users with its voice-over function. For regular use, you can zoom the chart to look closely at the details. You can also use this app to know the exact time for sunset and sunrise.

3. Snappy Word – Word Puzzle Game

Snappy Word

Snappy Word is a fun gaming app that lets you have fun for free. There are currently 400 challenging levels that you can play. There is also a ranking for the players of this game.

You can also challenge your friends and defeat them with your time record. This app helps you to have fun while increasing your vocabulary and training your brain! You can play this app by linking all the letters to create a word.

4. Apple Fitness+

Apple Fitness+

Apple Fitness+ is a fitness app that helps you maintain good health and a strong body. You can now find proper exercise training on your wrist by opening this app on your Apple Watch app.

There are professional body instructors that you can find here to give you suggestions on what exercise you would need based on the current type of body that you have. You can also play music while doing the exercise to make it more fun.

5. Moodistory Mood Tracker, Diary

Moodistory Mood Tracker, Diary

Are you feeling lonely or happy? Do you want to know a record of how your day went in the future? Moodistory is a mental health and habit tracker app that lets you track your emotions easily without writing a single word.

Mental health should not be overlooked. You should take action for yourself as it can cause damage to your overall health. Remind yourself to treat yourself sometimes with this app by purchasing it from the Apple Store and keep your mood on track!

This app values your privacy so you won’t even have to sign up for your account. You can set up your Touch ID/Face ID/Passcode to keep your data safe from being accessed by others.

6. Thirstic: Smart Water Tracker


I’m sure that there are times when you just suddenly realize that you’re actually thirsty and that you haven’t had water for several hours already. It could be because of your busy schedule at work, or your attention is on a game or a book or movie.

Thirstic is a fitness hydration reminder app that reminds you to drink the water your body needs. This app automatically updates your required water intake based on the weather conditions and your daily tasks. Straightforward, but it will help keep you hydrated!

7. Heart Analyzer

Heart Analyzer

Heart Analyzer is specially designed for Apple Watch to record your heart rate and provide you reports on your heart’s condition. Now you do not have to go to your doctor and wait for a long line just to check your heart rate, or put a finger on your pulse and count down the seconds.

Heart Analyzer gives you an accurate result of your heart rate calibrations and metadata metrics. It also features graphical plots to clearly show you your heart rate data. You can also compare electrocardiograms (ECG) measured on your device.

8. Lose It! – Calorie Counter

Lose It!

To count your calorie intake, Lose It! is here to track your calories. This app has been featured by reputable magazines, news media, and social media around the world. As of writing this, it has a 4.7-star rating on the Apple Store.

This app is easy to use as you just have to put your profile details and the weight you want to achieve. You can also track the nutrients in your food by using this app.

You can connect it to any fitness app. This app also recommends what food you should take to achieve the weight you want to have. It also has recommended workouts that can help you achieve your fitness goals.

9. Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack

If you are bored and have nothing to do, test your general knowledge and have fun by using Trivia Crack. Trivia Crack is an entertainment app that currently has a 4.6 rating. It provides thousands of fun and thrilling questions that you can spend countless hours answering.

As a bonus, it also has a multiplayer mode so you can compete with strangers and your friends and determine who is intellectually superior!

10. Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is email on your wrist. Get access to your inbox at a glance by installing Microsoft Outlook for free on your Apple Watch and be updated on important messages anytime, anywhere. You can also use gestures to delete, archive, or schedule events.

With just a tap, you can now share your availability with your workmates or friends. You can also easily search for files, emails, and contacts that you need. This app is also suitable for any Microsoft Office documents you want to open or attach to your email.

11. Daily Dictionary

Daily Dictionary

Learn a new word every day and increase your vocabulary with the help of Daily Dictionary. This app has a “word of the day” feature that can help improve your vocabulary.

You can learn new words daily, apply them in real life, and get a bit smarter each day because of it. The premium plan unlocks helpful features like bookmarks, dark mode, and other advanced functions.

12. OverCast


Do you want to listen to some good music or podcast from your wrist? OverCast is one of the most trending and best podcast player app that lets you play songs and podcast whenever and wherever you want.

You can download different podcasts in this app to play it even while offline. You can also listen to your favorite music or the trending music in your area through this app.

13. AutoSleep Track Sleep on Watch

AutoSleep Track Sleep on Watch

Everyone sleeps, but not everyone sleeps correctly. AutoSleep tracks your sleep and gives you instant feedback once you wake up. You do not even have to click on some buttons if you are going to sleep, you just have to sleep and the app will automatically detect that you are sleeping. Pretty cool, right?

14. Pennies – Budget and Expenses


Do you sometimes wonder what happened to your money a few days after receiving your paycheck? Track your money now by using Pennies. Here you can organize your budget for a month, a week, or for every day.

You can track here how you used or spent your money. You can also create multiple budgets, supports different currencies, and more.

15. Lens for Watch

Lens for Watch

Access your Instagram account through your Apple Watch with Lens for Watch. Lens for Watch has almost all the functions you can find on the Instagram app itself. You can view and like comments, comment on posts, like, search users, and even message your friends.

16. Todoist: To-Do List & Tasks

Lens for Watch

Todoist takes on the role of your personal assistant to remind you of your daily tasks. You can also create priority levels for all your tasks so that you can properly prioritize what you need to do first, which plays well with segmenting your day.

One of the functions of this app is to track your progress. You can set a deadline for each task and Todoist will remind you when it’s time to work on it.

17. Dog Training & Clicking by Dogo

Dog Training & Clicking

With the help of Dog Training & Clicking, you can now train your dog properly. Being a dog parent is undeniably fun but it is with great responsibility too. But through this app, while you’re educating your fur companion, you can also develop a better bond together.

Here you can find 100+ dog training, games, commands, and even commentaries from professional dog trainers. In this app, you can consult professional dog trainers on what you need to do for your dog. There is also a built-in clicker that you can use during training to signal your dog.

18. Phone Buddy – Phone Lost Alert

Phone Buddy

iPhone is definitely expensive compared to its counterparts. Adding to that fact, your iPhone has the most of your personal information and communication which you’d probably not want to lose.

So if you want to secure your iPhone, Phone Buddy helps you track your lost iPhone and alert you if you leave it behind. This app is very important to secure your gadget from being taken away from you.

19. Pcalc


Calculate on your wrist with Pcalc. This calculator app has many functions that students would find useful when doing calculations.

It supports RPN mode, various sets of unit conversions, multiple line display, and other functions of a scientific calculator. The paid version supports scientific notations, paper tape, and engineering functions.

20. iTranslate Converse

Translate Converse

Are you playing an online game that lets you converse with foreign people? Do you plan on traveling to another country but you don’t speak their language? iTranslate Converse can help you with that problem. With the help of this app, you can converse with foreign people by simply tapping on your Apple Watch.

It can translate 38 languages quickly and accurately. It is easy to use as you only need to tap and hold while speaking and release it to translate. The translation will then show up on your screen.

It also has automatic language detection that works well even in noisy places. You can also view the full transcripts for every conversation for later use.


These recommended Apple Watch apps are now within your fingertips! Just go to Apple Store and find the apps that you need and install it for free.

There are also paid features that you would surely love but you should also consider the free features first if it’s enough for your needs. If it is, consider supporting the developers by subscribing to their premium plans.

I hope that helps!