20 Beautiful Examples of iPad Finger Painting, Vol.2

Here at hongkiat.com we have always admired the creativity of artists who can create all sorts of art on all sorts of mediums: coffee cups, toilet roll or even coffee (and in 3D). Thanks to great apps like Paper, Procreate and Sketchbook Pro, we are now seeing more and more digital artists showcasing their talent: iPad finger painting.

Make no mistake, it isn’t easy to draw on iPads (give it a try) and yet these artists made quite wonderful masterpieces. Through an amazing array of techniques, incredible talent and a love of art that is not limited by the choice of canvas, this collection of 20 amazing iPad finger paintings will make you rethink what you can do with your iPad.

Beautiful iPad Finger Painting, Vol.1

Beautiful iPad Finger Painting, Vol.1

Thanks to some apps like Brushes, these artistes can upload their masterpieces directly online to social networking sites... Read more


For the 2013 Macworld iWorld Expo in San Francisco, Kyle created 5 portraits of celebrities on his iPad using Procreate.

(Source: Kyle Lambert)

kyle lambert

Michael Acosta made this masterpiece with Paper by FiftyThree iPad app.

(Source: iPadInsight)

red tail michael acosta

Dennis painted this artwork of American actress, Bryce Dallas Howard, on Sketch Club.

(Source: Dennis Huff)

bryce by dennis

Nikolai created this amazing piece on Procreate.

(Source: Nikolai Lockertsen)

nikolai eyecandy

This is just one of the many untitled artworks that Flickr user dcannell5, has created on his iPad.

(Source: dcannell5)

owl dcannell5

Digital artist Christianna took the original photo with her iPhone and edited it on her iPad.

(Source: Christianna Pierce)

colonnade christianna

For the release of Procreate 1.6, Laurent was commisioned to paint this masterpiece. It is a painting of a broken-hearted and disillusioned robot sitting on the floor eating ice-cream.

(Source: Laurent Canniccioni)

laurent newer model

This iPad artwork was done by London-based artist Edward Ofosu.

(Source: SaatchiOnline)

edward study of jules

This piece was designed with the intention of having it divided horizontally in the middle, which would result in two separate parts that complement each other. It was done on Procreate.

(Source: Nikolai Lockertsen)

nikolai chinatown

Veronica uses Sketchbook Pro to create this painting of a rabbit taking a nap on a flower.

(Source: Veronica Minozzi)

veronica flower

Susan’s grandmother used to have a car like the one depicted in this artwork. This was created using Sketchbook Pro.

(Source: Susan Murtaugh)

susan fairlane

Jake Larson finds creating digital art very soothing because he can easily erase or add anything with ease.

(Source: Telegraph)

jake whale

This almost real-life painting of a kitty is an artwork by Olechka.

(Source: society6)

olechka kitty

Salnavarro drew and painted this caricature painting of Hollywood actor, Sylvester Stallone on his Sketchbook Pro App.

(Source: iPadpainting)

salnavarro self inflicted

Nikolai painted this piece using Procreate to celebrate his son, Felix’s 4th birthday.

(Source: Nikolai Lockertsen)

nikolai lion

This painting emphasises the cloud formation above the barn.

(Source: TRShootr)

trshootr storm

Digital artist, Veronica Minozzi painted this on Sketchbook Pro.

(Source: FineArtAmerica)

veronica kiss

Whenever Susan was coming or going to Chicago, she would stop by at Tenuta’s (hence the jar on the right). She created this using Sketchbook.

(Source: Susan Murtaugh)

susan 13

The reference photo of the dog is from a Purina ad. Rafael used Procreate to create this almost real-life painting of a dog.

(Source: Rafael Co)

rafael dog

Matthew Watkins has painted a Japanese fishing vessel crashing into The Flatiron Building in New York City. He used Procreate on his iPad.

(Source: Matthew Watkins)

matthew still life