10 Extraordinary 3D Latte Art by Kazuki Yamamoto

Latte art is undoubtedly artistic and inspiring, not to mention delightfully delicious. However, Kazuki Yamamoto has taken it to the next level. Scratch that, the art form has been elevated to the next dimension – his latte art pops out of the coffee cups!

Check out 10 of his creative lattes, complete with 3D flavour and watch how far milk foam can go in every cup, while boggling your mind with their fascinating shapes and cuteness. Seriously, how in the world is anyone going to drink these lattes?

#1 – Bear

Yes, the cute bear you are viewing right now is made by a 26-year-old male barista in Cafe10g, Osaka.

#2 – Giraffe

Behold, you are looking at the tallest latte art in the world. Look at the attention given to the giraffe spots!

#3 – Catching Fish

Besides cuteness, it’s such a perfect way to make customers order 2 lattes, while melting their hearts at the same time.

catching fish
#4 – Stealing Carrot

I’m not surprised that there is a storyline behind every double-latte he makes. Here’s what happened before this version came to be.

stealing carrot
#5 – Snoopy

Even Snoopy is making an appearance, complete with its signature napping position.

#6 – Pikachu

I choose you!

#7 – Beyond the Cup

It’s not necessary for art to stay on top of latte, but only if you are as skilled as Yamamoto.

beyond the cup
#8 – Pig Family


pig family
#9 – Coffee Chat

Do you enjoy coffee chat with friends? I’m sure you will especially when you have these cats on your latte.

coffee chat
#10 – Bee and Sunflower

With little skill and creativity, you can make a charming sunflower too! To complete this story, here’s a bee.

bee and sunflower

While these latte art are fun to watch, Kazuki Yamamoto is not limited to 3D art only. He drew hundreds of Anime characters on lattes during his work time! Head over to his Twitter gallery for more coffee awesomeness, and share your favorite one with us!