From Toilet Roll To Paper Art: 12 Amazing Examples

If your creativity is wild, no medium is a limitation. This fact is exceptionally true with Anastassia Elias, a french artist who collects toilet rolls and turns them into great works of unbelievable art. You read it right, toilet roll. And not only is the choice of medium odd, but the way they are worked into incredible depictions of life is also freakier.

Let’s take a short stroll through a small version of this artist’s art gallery with these 12 sculptures that show how creative the roll can go. You’ll never look at your empty toilet paper roll the same way again.

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I bet you didn’t expect to find a child swinning from a tree in a toilet roll. The shapes are simple, but they are more than enough to convey life.


What’s the secret that makes the world inside the roll look so lively? Answer – the backlit!

Horse Racing

Anastassia Elias is not limited to the limited space inside a roll; in fact she even turns it into an advantage with half-depicted figures. Also I like the sense of motion expressed here.

horse racing

Well, howdy cowboys. Silhouette shapes actually leave their details for the viewers to fantasize about. What story did you come up with, when you see these cowboy silhouettes?

Circus Jugglers

The act of juggling is made precise with the right shapes and positioning in this particular sculpture.

circus jugglers
Amusement Park

A whole amusement park comes alive here! The lesson of th day: think out of the roll.

amusement park

Perhaps it is too much to ask for rain but those peopel really look like they are trying to get out of the rain. The two in the background sharing the same umbrella is oh-so lifelike.


They really look like they are mining this toilet roll for what it’s worth, with their feet embedded in the rubble.

Holiday Night

On a lighter note, the paper trees are formed using tweezers, and concentrated patience. The outcome is natural and relaxing.

holiday night

It’s a zoo in here. Visitors are kept outside of the enclosure with a thin bar but you can see how excited they are to see the giraffes.


It’s not just the ground, you can build any world inside the roll. Also this incredible version makes the fish fly in mid-air.


And here lies the secret of how she does it. Anastassia uses paper of same color to blend the paper figure into the roll seamlessly. Everything else that makes the sculpture come alive is based on her ingenuity and attention to detail.