Export and Backup Your Instagram Photos [Quicktip]

Instagram is the hottest photo-sharing camera app that’s available on the market today, and you may be among its million users worldwide, taking amazing photos and sharing them online. What’s lacking in Instagram though is a storage option – you don’t get to store your photos locally in your phone.

Of course, you can keep those amazing photos on your computer by manually copying the files over from the Instagram website and saving them locally, or you could export all of your amazing Instagram photos at once and keep them safe on your computer with Instaport, a simple web application that will backup all your Instagram photos in a single zipped file.

Export Instagram Photos

To export your Instagram photos and save them locally, go to the Instaport website, sign in with your Instagram ID and click ‘Yes’ to authorize Instaport’s access to Instagram to look for your photos.


Once access is granted, select ‘Download .zip file’ and choose to download all photos, and then click the ‘Start Export’ button.

Start Export

Instaport will process your request; this may take some time depending on the number of files in your collection. Once completed, Instaport will provide the download link, click on that link to download all of your Instagram photos into a zip file.



I managed to download my collection without any issue and now I get to store my Instagram photos locally on my computer and access them anytime I want even without access to the Internet. Instaport makes it simpler to transfer all your photos and memories for safekeeping.

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