Everything You Need to Know About Instagram Reels Ad

Instagram is one of the most widely used social media applications for consumers, with approximately 1 billion users monthly. The platform has multiple engaging features that attract most of its user base, like the Instagram Reels.

This involves users creating and sharing short videos reminiscent of the Tiktok-based format. Statistically, 87% of Tiktok users from Gen-Z agree with this comparison.

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Launched one year prior, IG Reels pull in a high customer base currently. Instagrammers favor the 15-30-second-long multi-clip video clips and spend a long period going through such content. These are useful for advertising and marketing purposes. The main details you must remember are:

  • The meaning of Instagram Reels
  • Process of set-up and editing Reels ads
  • How to implement IG Reels for advertising

Overall, many businesses opt for Instagram as a platform to increase their customer reach and attract loyal followers. As a brand owner or individual content creator, if you are wondering how to use Instagram Reels for this purpose, here is all you need to know.

Instagram Reels ads: An Overview

instagram reels

In Instagram, ads via Instagram Reels are the new placeholder for marketing. Brands opt for this method to advertise their products and services to new and current customers alike on this platform.

Users on Instagram have access to Reels and open it frequently. Most of the videos that come up are from accounts they do not follow but posting similar content to their interests. So, for brands, IG Reels sets up an area to display their ads to reach a wider global audience.

Many viewers follow the business account afterward and later turn into loyal customers if they like their presentations. Statistics show that Instagram advertising tactics like Reels ads reached over 928 million users in 2020.

Important distinctions to note about the IG Reels ads are:

  • The Reels-centric ads are similar to ads on Instagram Stories with vertical full-screen videos.
  • They appear in sequence with the generic non-sponsored Reels videos. The Reels Ads come up with a “Sponsored” tag.
  • Users can share, comment, like, and save the Reels.
  • The videos appear in loops.

Where to See the Instagram Reels Ads?

On the app, the top sections where you can view Instagram Reels ads are:

  • Reels tab visible at the top of the IG home screen
  • Feeds of users
  • IG Explore page

They appear in the same spot as the organic Reels video content, in a similar format to TikTok videos. Statistically, 61% of TikTok users (Gen Z) state that they prefer Instagram Reels over Tiktok and spend more time with the former.

Steps for Using Instagram Reels

Here, you would get an overview of how to create and edit ads under Instagram Reels.

The steps for making Instagram Reels ads/videos cover:
  1. Open the Instagram app. You shall see the navigation bar in the bottom corner of the screen. Press on the film clapper icon and the “Play” sign present in the middle. This launches the IG Reels.
  2. video icon
  3. Swipe the page to the top of the screen from the lower angle for browsing the feed. Reels from recommended channels appear here.
  4. Select the camera icon that is visible in the upper right-hand part of the screen towards the center. If you prefer, you can make a new post from the Home Feed page directly. Tap the plus-sign icon that is present at the right-hand corner of the home screen at the top.
  5. instagram reels
  6. After opening the creator tab, record your video. For this, press down on the round button in the middle. When you move your finger away, the video would pause your recording and start back up when you press on it.
  7. Through the Setting icon at the top left portion of your screen, you can adjust camera settings. Modify as per your needs, like setting the device front camera as your default setting.
  8. Click on the settings for Reels. The prompt for “Save your Reels to device” shall come up. Your created Reels video would automatically save into the library when you publish it.
  9. If you are using copyrighted audio or cannot download the audio file, the Reels ad video would have no sound automatically.
The steps for editing the Instagram Reels videos and sharing them are:
editing instagram reels

After completing your Reel record, you would notice the “Preview” button. Click on it, and you would see the editing menu come up.

There are controls and tools present here for:
  • Saving the recorded Reel video.
  • Adding audio overlay with voiceover recording/selected audio file from the device library.
  • Adding special effects or filters. There are multiple filters and special effects available in the library for customization.
  • Adjusting the speed of the video. There are 6 levels available.
  • Doodling on the Reel video.
  • Including GIF stickers or funny images for content illustration.
  • Adding text or typing it into the Reel content.

After finishing the editing process, you can select the “Share to” button available on the screen to publish the Reel video. Include text in the caption with relevant hashtags as well as tagging people (optional). Also, determine whether you wish to share the Reel publicly or on your private profile feed, too.

Either choose “Save as Draft” for future sharing or directly press on “Share”.

Tips for Using Instagram Reels for Brand Promotion

instagram brand promotion

The following are some of the notable practices you should follow to create and deliver engaging ad content via Instagram Reels.

Understand your audience and create content accordingly

Brands need to know their audience well before creating their ad. If your target customers do not find the content interesting enough or to their taste, the engagement rate will decrease.

So, take a note of the metric of Instagram Reels insights to track the reach of your Reels and customer interest. After gathering the figures, you can find the pattern of customer engagement, like what styles attract the most views.

Then, format your future ads accordingly. Also, end with a responsive CTA.

The time limit of the Reel video
30 seconds limit

The acceptable time limit for the videos on Instagram Reels is 30 seconds. Keep your ad content within that timeframe and plan it from the first moment of video creation.

If you do not focus on the video length early, you would have to cut the video to 15-30 seconds later. Hence, you may have to delete some necessary points or information that forms the crux of the ad content. Avoid doing so.

Include text and audio

In Reels, audio plays a key role in catching the interest of viewers and text helps in holding that interest. Thus, you should select the right kind of audio that would blend organically with your ad content.

Also, the text is important since many users can have a hearing impairment or keep their volume turned off when they are scrolling.

Add an engaging content idea

Fun and creativity attract most customers who look at Instagram Reels. Among the other regular organic videos that are quirky and interesting, a to-the-point factual short video can lose you, the viewers. Therefore, incorporate the fun Reel-centric spirit to get higher views and clicks.

Use the right dimensions
instagram reel dimension

Reels appear in the 9:16 dimension. So, you should make and add your content in 1080×1920 pixels. Keep note of these dimensions to avoid an amateurishly cropped look or blurry visuals.


All things considered, Instagram Reels are very effective in increasing brand popularity and customer reach. So, you should carefully understand and follow the rules of creating and editing Reels video content to improve traffic. Also, focus on consistency in posting schedule and content type, and churn our engaging ads overall.