How to Download Instagram Videos (Tools and Tips)

There are times when you really like a video on Instagram and want to save the video to your collection, but there is no mechanism to do so. However, there are certain ways to download Instagram videos, but for that, you might have to struggle a bit.

In this article, I’ll show you multiple methods to download Instagram videos, organized in the following manner:

It’s illegal to download Instagram videos to alter or share them as your own. You can only download videos for personal use. If you violate copyrights, we will not be responsible for any actions taken against you.

Download Instagram Videos on PC

You can download Instagram videos right from your Windows PC or macOS. Here are some online tools and app that does the job, together with step-by-step walkthroughs on getting it done.


Supports: Windows, Mac, Android.


To download an Instagram video, you can give this app a try. VideoHunter is a stable and high-quality video-downloading app. It has a user-friendly UI, making downloading any video a breeze. Again, you should not be downloading nor distributing any downloaded videos without the permission of their owner.

(Step-by-step) Download with VideoHunter
  1. Copy the URL of your favorite Instagram video and paste it to the input box of VideoHunter.
  2. download Instagram videos via VideoHunter
  3. Click “Analyze” and it will provide multiple choices of output formats for your option.
  4. Choose the output format you prefer and click “Download”. Its batch download feature is worth a try, saving you time.
  5. Choose Output Format and Download
Note: This app supports downloading only the audio of the respective video. Click on the drop-down icon beside “Download” and choose “audio” to save the audio instead of the full video.
VideoProc Converter

Supports: Windows, Mac.

VideoProc Converter

Created by folks at Digiarty Software, VideoProc Converter does more than just convert videos to various formats for you. It comes with a feature to let you download Instagram videos.

(Step-by-step) Download with VideoProc Converter
  1. Click the Downloader Icon.
  2. download Instagram videos via VideoProc
  3. On the next page, click the “Add Video” icon.
  4. add video button
  5. Go to, go to the video you’d like to download, right-click on the 3-dots and select “Copy link”. We will use a video for demonstration.
  6. copy links
  7. Paste the link back into VideoProc and click “Analyze”.
  8. paste links
  9. Lastly, click “Download Now” to download your video.
  10. click download now
HitPaw Video Converter

Supports: Windows, Mac.

HitPaw Video Converter

HitPaw’s Video Converter app is another app that does more than just convert videos for you. Its notable features include cropping, cutting, and converting videos as well as adding watermark to your videos.

On top of that, this app also allows you to download online videos, including Instagram videos.

(Step-by-step) Download with HitPaw Video Converter
  1. Open the app after download and installation, then click on the Download tab.
  2. download Instagram videos via HitPaw
  3. Login to, click for the 3-dots on the top right of the video post, then select Copy link.
  4. Instagram 3-dots
  5. Back on the app, click Paste URL, paste in the URL you copied earlier, and click Download.
  6. HitPaw paste URL
  7. Select MP4, then click Download to initiate downloading of the video.
  8. HitPaw click download
  9. Check the “Save to” path to locate your downloaded video.
  10. path to downloaded videos
EaseUS Video Downloader

Supports: Windows, Mac.

EaseUS Video Downloader

Well, if all else fails, here’s yet another app to download Instagram videos. This desktop app has an easy-to-use UI. Downloading any videos should be a walk in the park.

This app supports downloading videos from the following platforms – TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Twitch.

(Step-by-step) Download with EaseUS
  1. After downloading and installing the app, launch it.
  2. download Instagram videos via EaseUS
  3. Click Downloader located on the left sidebar.
  4. click downloader button
  5. Click Add URLs.
  6. add download URL
  7. Over at Instagram, click on the 3-dots icon of the video you want to download, then click Copy link.
  8. get Instagram URL
  9. Back at EaseUS Video Downloader, paste the link, then click Confirm.
  10. click confirm
  11. Analzying of the video will then begin.
  12. video analyzation
  13. Click Download to initiate download. You can also customize the location of the saved video on this screen.
  14. start video download
  15. Click on the “Finished” tab to locate your downloaded video.
  16. finished tab
WinX Video Converter

Supports: Windows, Mac.


Here’s another app that caught our attention that also does the job. Its main features include converting videos as well as editing them. WinX Video Converter offers free trial, or $19.95/year. But the good news is, you can use it to download Instagram videos even with its free trial version.

(Step-by-step) Download with WinX Video Converter
  1. Downloading the free-trial version of the app. Install and then launch it.
  2. download install app
  3. Go to, click on the 3-dots icon on the desired video, then select Copy link.
  4. copy insta link
  5. Back on the app, click the URL icon on top.
  6. url icon
  7. Paste the link, click Analyze, and then OK.
  8. click Analyze
  9. Click on the video once, then click >> to initiate download.
  10. download video
CleverGet Video Downloader

Supports: Windows, Mac.


CleverGet Video Downloader enables easy downloading of Instagram videos and boasts the added benefit of downloading high-resolution videos (up to 8K) from over 1000 other sites such as YouTube, Twitter, Vimeo, Facebook, TikTok, and more. This convenient tool allows for storing videos as MP4, MKV, or WebM files without any quality reduction.

(Step-by-step) Download with CleverGet
  1. Download and install this software on your computer for free. Then, launch it.
  2. Celverget Step 1
  3. Scroll down and locate the Instagram icon which takes you directly to the website. Then, utilize the built-in browser to find the video you want to download on Instagram.
  4. Celverget Step 2
  5. Once the video has started to play, the program will automatically begin parsing. If not, simply click the button below to activate it.
  6. Celverget Step 3
  7. On the pop-up window with all parameters listed, you can pick one or more options according to your needs. Finally, click the “Download” button to download Instagram videos to your computer right away.
  8. Celverget Step 4

Download Instagram Videos with Online Tool

online tool download

You can also download Instagram videos without installing apps.

Go to this website, insert the URL and hit the download button. The downloaded video will be in .mp4 format. You can even choose to download just the photo instead of a video.

(Step-by-step) Download with online tool
  1. Open the Instagram video that you want to download and copy its URL.
  2. Now open DownloadVideosFrom and paste the URL into the text field.
  3. Below, click on Download MP4 to convert and download the video.
  4. download via online tool

Download Instagram Videos via Source Code

download via source

Here’s a rather manual – but good to know – method of downloading Instagram videos. By inspecting the source codes of the page the video is in, you can obtain its video’s URL. Check out the instructions below to see if this can be done.

(Step-by-step) Download via source codes
  1. Open the video that you want to download.
  2. Right-click on it and select Inspect element. Depending on your browser, the name could be different, like View page source.
  3. download Instagram videos via codes
  4. Now press Ctrl + F keys to open Find option and type “.mp4” in it.
  5. The search will open up a section of code. Here, copy the link next to src= (the link ends with .mp4).
  6. copy video URL
  7. Paste this link in a new tab, and the video will start playing. You can right-click and select Save video as… to download the video.
  8. save video as

Download Instagram Videos on Android

If you are watching these videos on your Android device, it makes more sense to download them right on your device. Here are a few ways to achieve that.

Get Video From App Cache
download via cache

Do you know that videos are automatically downloaded as cache when you view them? To obtain a copy, you just need to know where to find them.

(Step-by-step) Download via Android app cache
  1. First, go watch the video that you want to download. Whatever part you will watch will be downloaded; therefore, make sure you watch the whole video if you want the complete video.
  2. Next, open your phone’s File manager and go to Android > data > > cache > videos. Here you’ll find all the videos you have viewed, and they will have .clean extension.
  3. download Instagram videos on android
  4. If you want to convert them to an audio format, then rename them and change .clean extension to .mp4.
  5. rename video change extension
  6. You can tap on them and select Video option to play them.
Note: All these videos are saved as cache. If the phone cache is deleted, these videos will also be deleted. If you want to keep a video permanently, then you should move it to a different location.
Download via 3rd-party App
Instagram android app

To download a video without the need to finish watching the entire video, you can try using an app instead. Here’s an Android app that does the job; it is also free.

(Step-by-step) Download with Android app
  1. In the Instagram app, open up the video you want to download and tap on the menu at the top-right corner (the three vertical dots).
  2. Now tap on Copy link.
  3. Open up the Video Downloader for Instagram and tap on the Paste button.
  4. The link will be pasted, and the video will be automatically downloaded and saved in the gallery.
  5. copy paste link

Download Instagram Videos on iOS

If it’s possible to download Instagram videos with Android, you bet it can be done on iOS too.

Download Using Apple Shortcuts
apple shortcuts

Last but not least, with iOS, it’s possible to download any online videos (including Instagram videos) without any apps. All you need is to create a script or set of instructions in your Apple Shortcuts, and just tap Share on any video you watched and download it via the Download option.

Click here to see how to download online videos using Apple Shortcuts.

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