5 Tools to Track Hashtags for Social Media Users

Hashtags play a key role in social media plans. They help group talks about a subject, give deep info for users to know what gets more likes and shares, and can help a brand grow its reach.

Hashtags also link many campaigns, even if they’re not online (like hashtags you see on TV ads). This shows why all businesses should take them seriously.

But, tracking how well hashtags do can be tough for businesses. They often don’t have clear info to answer questions like:

  • What hashtag should I pick for my campaign?
  • Who else uses this hashtag?
  • What kind of users will like this hashtag?
  • How well does my hashtag do compared to another one for a similar goal?

I’m here to help with this. I’ll share some top tools made just for checking how your hashtags are doing. Let’s dive in.


Brand24 tool image
  • Affordable ($49-$399).
  • Prompt support.
  • Detailed statistical insights.
  • Apps for iPhone and Android.
  • Slack integration.
  • Pay-as-you-use model.
  • Limited keyword checks.
  • Groups social media media, obscuring clarity.
  • Stores data for only one year.

Brand24 lets you see all times your hashtag is used on various social media sites right when it happens. You can find top influencers, quickly know if mentions are good, bad, or okay, and reply to customer messages right away.

You can also share tasks with teammates and group results by certain keywords, subjects, or word lists. The tool is simple to use, fast (shows results in 5 minutes), does things on its own, and you can try it out with a demo. It also stands out by letting you send sales messages straight to those looking for your brand based on what they search or want to buy.


Mention tool image
  • News updates on your hashtags.
  • Apps for Android, iPhone, & Windows.
  • Sentiment Analysis for mentions.
  • 14-day free trial.
  • Inconsistent ‘Priority Inbox’ relevance.
  • Mediocre user feedback for the app.

Mention is a full-service tool for watching and checking social media that tracks hashtags as they’re used. You can search online or get daily updates with a summary of hashtag mentions from the day before.

On top of basic info about reach and shares, you can also learn about top influencers, how often a hashtag is used, and many other key points. The Mention screen is where you handle all your hashtag plans.

With features to assign tasks and share work, Mention makes it easier for your marketing team to work together. You also get tailored reports and scores to see how well influencers do with certain hashtag plans.

Social Studio

Social Studio tool image
  • Part of SalesForce’s Marketing Cloud.
  • Centralized social media & hashtag management.
  • Easy task-sharing with teams.
  • Comprehensive main screen insights.
  • Subpar user experience compared to rivals.
  • Too many hidden features complicating usage.

Run by SalesForce, Social Studio is a tool that checks and studies social media and is great for hashtag checking.

Start a checking plan, and you’ll see info from all social media accounts to know how people interact with the hashtag on different sites.

You can make new subjects and trends using Social Studio’s easy-to-change screen. You can also look deeper and see the content of posts and read all comments that talk about your hashtag.

Using advanced image and mood checking tools, Social Studio helps you quickly get the setting when people talk about your hashtag. Also, posts by the audience can be sent straight to your team for the next steps.


BrandWatch tool image
  • Easy Campaign Tracking Guide.
  • Real-time hashtag plan mentions in Live Tab.
  • Identifies engaging topics and content.
  • Finds new influencers with Brandwatch Audiences.
  • More expensive than competitors like Brand24 for similar features.

Brandwatch lets you see mentions on social media, from regular comments to specific talks like complaints. Setting up a screen to check a hashtag plan is simple with the Campaign Tracking Guide.

You can use search terms and commands to handle hashtag checking plans just the way you want. The Brandwatch Screen and Search Guides let you add plan details, like hashtags, the plan’s website, certain landing pages, and links to certain content.

Once set, the main screen shows the plan results from the past day, including highs and lows. This view makes it easy to understand the setting of hashtag mentions and find influencers who can help make the hashtag more popular.


Talkwalker tool image
  • Centralized view of hashtag metrics.
  • Compare with competitor brands.
  • Discover top channels, reach, engagement, and influencers.
  • Weak mood analysis and reporting compared to other tools.

Talkwalker checks hashtags used on social media, online news sites, blogs, and forums. It looks at 150 million sites in many languages and both online and offline places, like TV and radio shows.

With its special image checking tech, top stats, and auto reports, it’s a great tool for hashtag checking and studying.


Sysomos tool image
  • Advanced plan monitoring.
  • Research other hashtags.
  • Identify top influencers.
  • Real-time alerts for urgent issues.
  • Integrated task management, reporting, content creation, and community views.
  • Delayed visual data.
  • Costs rise quickly with added features.

Note: Sysomos isn’t available anymore.

Sysomos let you look up hashtags, made clear visual stats, and listened to what people said about your hashtags in real-time.

You could join in on talks, share content, and split tasks with team members using this tool. Sysomos’ ‘Heartbeat’ feature watched up to 2 years of data and real-time talks in over 190 languages. It checked all social media, top blogs, and news places to gather the info.

It was easy to label different talks and see how they compared to each other to find chances to get involved.

Final Thoughts

There are many good social media study tools, but not all are great for checking and studying hashtags.

But, the tools talked about in this guide have been shown to help people in marketing handle many hashtag plans and get the best results thanks to the deep info these tools give. In my tests with all these tools, Brand24 was the simplest and also the most helpful to use.