How to Make QR Codes in Google Sheets

Though there are many ways you can create QR code for a URL, like through online and offline tools, however, there’s a fairly simple way to create a QR code using Google Sheets as well.

In this post, I’ll show you two simple ways to create a QR code using Google Sheets. One method involves using a Google Sheet formula and the other can be done through a Google Sheet add-on.

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Method 1. Using Google Sheets Formula

Before starting, decide which cell you to insert the information / URL in and which cell to display the QR code at.

In our example, we’ll insert the URL in A1, and display the QR code in A2.

Go ahead and paste the following formula in A2.


What this formula does is – it takes the information from cell A1 and turns it into a 300×300 (width x height) QR code.

Simple as that.

QR Code too small?

However, if you are seeing a tiny QR code in cell A2, like the one in the screenshot below, that’s probably because you have not adjusted the height of your row.

qr code small

To make the QR code bigger, go in between rows 1 and 2, pull it down, and you’ll get a bigger image.

enlarge cell

Method 2. Using Google Sheets Add-ons

While I don’t see much of a reason to use this when you can easily achieve it through method 1, this approach, however, comes in handy if you don’t want to rely on remembering the QR code-generating formula in Google Sheets.

  1. To install the extension, go to Extensions > Add-ons > Get add-ons.
  2. get add-ons
  3. In the Google Workspace Marketplace, type in "QR code maker", hit search, then click on the first result.
  4. qr code maker
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the QR Code Maker add-on.
  6. install qr code maker
  7. Now to create a QR code with this add-on, go to Extensions > QR Code Maker > Insert QR Code.
  8. insert qr code
  9. This will open up a sidebar (on the right) for the add-on. Type in your text or URL inside the Text or Link field, and hit Generate.
  10. generate qr code
  11. Now click Insert to add this QR code to your sheet. You can then re-position or adjust its size as you please.
  12. insert qr code