How to Generate Barcodes in Google Sheets

There was a time when businesses needed to buy expensive barcode software to create barcodes for their products. But it’s not the case anymore as you can easily create barcodes from product codes through Google Sheets.

This feature is especially useful for startups and small-medium-sized businesses that run on a limited budget and resources.

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In this post, I will guide you through the process of creating barcodes from your product codes with the help of Google Sheets. Let’s get started.

  1. Start a new spreadsheet in Google Sheet.
  2. Fill up the first three cells with “Product Name“, “Product ID“, and “Barcode” respectively.
  3. insert title
  4. Select Cell C to highlight the entire C Column, hold Command (Mac) or Control (Windows), then click “Barcode” to unselect that particular cell.
  5. select C
  6. With the rest of the column highlighted, click Fonts on the top menu and select More fonts.
  7. more fonts
  8. Type “Libre Barcode” and then select “Libre Barcode 39” from the results.
  9. libre barcode
  10. Select the first cell under Barcode, which is C2, and enter this formula: =IF(B2<>"","*"&B2&"*",""). What this formula does is that if cell B2 is not empty, it will then generate a barcode for it.
  11. Single-click cell C2, and then drag it down (by the bottom right corner) to copy the formula to more rows.
  12. drag cell

Testing the sheet

Let’s give what we’ve created a test.

Enter a product, then follow with a product code (numbers only), and the respective product’s barcode should be automatically generated for you.