20 Creative Ticket Designs That Make Great Mementos

To many, a ticket is probably just a piece of paper that allows someone to take part in an event, travel by a designated mode of transport, or watch a movie. We usually discard it after it has served its purpose so rarely do we give a thought to a creative ticket design. Truth is though, creatively designed tickets can actually go a long way when it comes to leaving an impression.

A well-designed ticket can make your next business event stand out and get people talking about it long before the day of the event. For many sentimental customers, tickets with creative designs also make great mementos of special events or movies. With that in mind, let’s check out these 20 creative ticket designs that will make it real hard for you to throw them away.

MMM Ticket: Clown by BeNext

William Fitzsimmons Concert Ticket by Adam Butler

Tamarack Pig Roast Tickets by Theresa Garritano

The New Scene Theatre by Veronika Kokurina


Tune in for Fukushima by Hani Zuhair

Del Mar Thoroughbred Club Ticket by Amy Hood


ALLONS ENFANTS by Viviane Montesse

Murder on Cockatoo by Elki Lemmetty

FILM IS NOT DEAD! Branding by Yin Sze Loo

Ticketmaster Ticket Redesign by Matthew Lew

Placido Domingo by Aleksey Belyalov

Invites Round 2 by Linda Gavin

Shigeo Fukuda Museum Exhibition by Beck Mulkey

Some Tickets by Lode Bellens

A Night with Bossa Nova by Shawn Li

Ticket Design by Zeeshan Awan

Ticket Design by Gilbert Garcilazo

Luxury Night by Anneloes Visser

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