Top 10 Websites for Movie Trivia Enthusiasts

Unleash your inner film buff with these 10 websites dedicated to movie trivia. Discover fun facts, quizzes and more to impress your friends and family.

When it comes to the wealth of information available online, movie trivia and behind-the-scenes insights certainly deserve a spotlight. While Wikipedia offers a decent amount of information, the real gems are found on specialized movie trivia websites.

These platforms offer a variety of content, from scripts and voice actors to insider details and behind-the-scenes scoops. Whether you’re curious about the future of your favorite sitcoms, dramas, or animated series, this list has got you covered. Note that these are not celebrity gossip sites; they focus on the characters, casting decisions, and development of films and shows.

Here are 10 go-to websites for all your movie trivia needs, listed in no particular order.

Specializes In: Revealing which actors declined specific roles and why.

Have you ever questioned the casting decisions in certain films? provides insights into which actors passed on roles in successful movies. It’s a fascinating look into what might have been. Website Screenshot

For example, actors who declined the James Bond role (played by Daniel Craig) include Colin Farrell, Orlando Bloom, Hugh Jackman, Clive Owen, and Sam Worthington.

Movie Mistakes

Specializes In: Highlighting errors, bloopers, and scenes that made it past the editing room.

Film production is a complex process involving various crew members, and mistakes can happen. Movie Mistakes is a community-driven platform that showcases these errors, some glaring and some subtle, that make it into the final cut.

Movie Mistakes Website Screenshot

Explore some of the most memorable mistakes in films here.

Specializes In: Providing updates on the status of your favorite TV shows.

Ever felt that a TV series ended abruptly, leaving you with unanswered questions? This usually signals a show’s cancellation. helps you understand what’s going on with your favorite series. Website Screenshot

The site also offers information on the last episodes of concluded series, any revivals, and how your favorite show fares in ratings compared to others.

Behind the Voice Actor

Specializes In: Discovering the voices behind your favorite animated characters.

Ever wondered who voices iconic characters like Bart Simpson, Jimmy Neutron, and Timmy Turner? Surprisingly, they’re all voiced by women! Voice actors often go unnoticed, but their skill in bringing animated characters to life is truly remarkable.

Behind the Voice Actor Website Screenshot

Most of the time, we only see the voice actor’s name in the credits, making it challenging to connect the voice to the character. This anonymity allows talents like Frank Welker and Hank Azaria to voice multiple characters without drawing attention.

Trailer Addict

Specializes In: Offering a collection of movie trailers, teasers, and featurettes.

Movie trailers have evolved into captivating mini-stories that give us a taste of the film’s magic. Whether you’re waiting for a movie’s release or just browsing, Trailer Addict provides a wide range of trailers you can watch right from your laptop.

Trailer Addict Website Screenshot

Trailers often showcase the best parts of a movie, setting your expectations high. The site also features red band trailers, which are too explicit for mainstream media.

Movie Insider

Specializes In: Providing updates on upcoming and pre-released movies and TV shows.

If you’re eager to stay ahead of the curve, Movie Insider is your go-to source for news on upcoming films in any production stage. The site also offers trailers, behind-the-scenes photos, and an interactive map of active filming locations.

Movie Insider Website Screenshot

Similar Site: ComingSoon.Net also provides the latest news, reviews, and previews of upcoming movies and TV shows, along with exclusive interviews and box office statistics.

The Movie Spoiler

Specializes In: Revealing movie endings and plot details.

If you’re not satisfied with Wikipedia’s plot summaries or missed a crucial detail in a movie, The Movie Spoiler is the place to go. The site offers detailed summaries for over 1000 mainstream movies.

The Movie Spoiler Website Screenshot

Similar Site: MoviePooper! offers a similar service, and you can even request summaries for specific movies.

Specializes In: Identifying and offering movie scores and soundtracks.

If you’ve ever been moved by a film’s musical score, allows you to identify the composer, songwriter, and other details. You can even listen to music clips for free.

Soundtrack Movie Website Screenshot

Simply Scripts

Specializes In: Offering full movie and TV show scripts.

If you’re interested in reading the full script of a movie or TV show, Simply Scripts is your destination. The site offers various versions of scripts, some of which are raw drafts, all for free.

Simply Scripts Website Screenshot

Similar Site: Daily Script offers scripts in plain text or PDF format, although their collection hasn’t been updated since 2010. However, they provide links to other script repositories.

Explore More Movie Fun

Enjoyed the list above? Here are a few more sites that you’re likely to find just as entertaining.

How It Should Have Ended

While this site offers comics and movie reviews, it’s most famous for its alternate endings. These endings often provide a more satisfying conclusion than the original ones.

How It Should Have Ended Website Screenshot
The Editing Room

This site humorously highlights the plot holes in popular movies, offering shorter and often more logical versions of the original scripts.

The Editing Room Website Screenshot

Even More Options…

If you’re still on the hunt for more movie-related content, these additional sites are worth checking out: